Hi, how has everyone been, it’s good to know people are reading and commenting on my blog. Thanks for your encouragement! 🙂

I’m sure most people are conversant with the game Temple run2 on Androids, tablets and Ipads. For people who don’t know about Temple run2, it’s a game that involves exhilarating running, jumping, turning and slidding, navigating perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines and forest. It also has power ups like bonuses.

Well, I was playing the game on my roomie’s Ipad just to relax from the day’s stress when somethings struck me and I’ll be sharing them with you.

I started the game, I began to run with the monster chasing me, it just seems like lives as humans, the big black guy knows we have so much good stuff and he is always seeking to steal, kill and destroy us but then we keep running steadfast in faith and grace, the bonuses show up we click on it to get it, it speeds up our running pace and we just run automatically, this serves as the word of God and instructions we read, meditate and dwell on, it helps us go through hurdles and challenges we confront in life which makes us stronger and better people!

As we keep running, we navigate the bends, the cliffs, zip lines and forest. This is how life is, never smooth, someone once said if your life is smooth without challenges and obstacles, you ain’t living right because these obstacles are what brings out the best in us. It can be compared to going to school attending lectures without writing exams, how do we know you know what you think you know!

As we keep running, we pass through the fires and the waters like it is in the holy book, “we would pass through the fire it wouldn’t burn us, we would pass through the waters it wouldn’t overwhelm us.”

As we keep running, if we miss our step, the monster eagerly comes up to take us down but then we keep running. Same happens in life, we make mistakes, we fall but then we’ve got to keep ourselves back up.

But then we could fall into a ditch and it says save me, then run again. If we fall in life, that isn’t the end, all we need to do is go to God just the way we are and ask him to save us, He is always ready to accept us no matter how dirty or smelly we might be, his grace says run again my son, my daughter!

God’s arms are always open just accept Him! Thanks! 🙂 Comments!!!

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  1. Wow! I’m rily dumbfounded, but I must say…this is really inspiring, pls keep it up, you’ll get more inspiration from the Holy Spirit, its well with you dear!

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