Here I am, in the cubicle I call a room,
Questions flooding my mind about the lingering subjects of religion,society, politics,relationships and life!

On Religion, I wonder:
So many churches and mosques,
Why are there still corrupt people?
Why are there fake pastors and imams,
Don’t they know the judgement they preach about will come?
Why do clerics lie to their congregation?
So many religious people but still no love!

Society gets me wondering:
We complain of bad leaders but then the smaller fragment called society steals and look for ways to hunt and hurt their neighbours,
But then the president is the only one corrupt?
Who is baby Funke going to look up to,
Are there still role models in the society?
Who cares about Chukwudi that rolls tyre on the streets?
What future is there for Haruna whose parents don’t care?
Just how can an average Nigerian family survive on only #18,000 every month?
If only the society knew how much change they could bring, such ripple effect that will occur!

‘Politricks’ is the new order of the day,
The leaders of yesterday are still the leaders of today,
When I was younger,I was told I was going to be the leader of tomorrow,
When will the tomorrow of my generation come?
Why is it that the wrong things are now the accepted right things?
Who will re-orientate us?
Who will stand out like Mr Afolabi Olawale who was declared winner of the ward election by The Kwara state Independent Electoral Comission but rejected victory because He knew He won by ‘mago mago’?
When will the Nigeria of our dreams arise?

About Relationships, I am puzzled:
Why do we love the one that leaves us and leave the one who loves us?
Why are there so many broken homes and dysfunctional families?
Why is Sandra always into herself, perhaps, she has been hurt and now scared of trusting anyone and everyone?
Why do people take people for granted,perhaps, the law of ‘see-finish’ holds true?
Why are we busy growing up that we forget our parents are growing old?
Why is it difficult to trust people?
Why can’t people make their words their bound?

Life itself presents just as many questions:
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why is it difficult to do good but very easy to do bad?
Why do people give up when they’re almost at the end of the tunnel?
Why do people want to take the short-cut in life which is usually not short on the long run?
Why do good people die with bad people?

Who has answers to my unending questions?

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  1. Wow!!! This is an awesome piece. More wisdom. But to be sincere, we all have the answers to these questions on the tip of our fingers. God help us all.

  2. Wow!!! This is an amazing piece. God bless you and grant you more wisdom. But honestly, we all have the answers to these questions on our finger tips. God help us all.

  3. If we knew the answers to those questions, we’d be God’s bosses. Nice. Sandra huh? Very nice.

  4. Once again, another profound article from you. This article raises awareness to the burning issues around and is a pointer to the fact that we the Nigerian youths may have awoken from our slumbers and take the bull of our socio-economic lifes by the horn. A call to responsibility and purpose, excellent work.

  5. Oh my…i wish the answers could come through an angel asap! We just continue to live in hope my dear,and pray Almighty God restores it all. Thoughtful piece gurl!!!

  6. Matthew 24:4-14 gives the answer that you want. It is a sign that the end is near, but the bible says, “… This is the beginning of it all”. And if possible, you can read it down to verse 31.

  7. I would want too believe that the writer is such an extraordinary author. The manner of articulation of the ideas is just superb and the contents are not just up-to-date but also relevantly contemporaneous. I make bold to say dat these questions are sacrosanct and needed to be answered if any meaningful progress could be achieved in Nigeria in dis dispensation. In the same vein, it serves as a clarion call to the youths. To the author, just keep it up because this is a challenge

  8. I would want to believe that the writer of this article is such an extraordinary genuis. The manner of the articulation of the ideas is just stupendous and the contents are not just up-to-date but also relevantly contemporaneous. I make bold to say vis-a-vis the contents of the write-up that the questions posed rhetorically therein are appropriately sacrosanct and are needed to be answered before a tangible and meaningful progress would be achieved in our Beloved Nation, is also a challenge pointing directly to the youths also on all spheres of life.
    To the writer, I say kudos to you because this article is a challenge to me in particular.

  9. The good days are gone……In my own opinion I fink d worst iz yet to come cuz wen the world iz folding up nothing good shuld be expected.It has alredy been forseen and we have alredy been told or at least we experiencing it nw,d only remedy iz to stay steadfast and practice more good deeds*.Ma salam*

  10. Nobody can specifically say dis is d reason , we can only guess y , i can just say dat every decision we make either wrong or right we shuld take d blame , d reasons y we do wat we do is still unclear

  11. I keep asking the same questions…..the answers are no were to be found…life keeps moving nd people live their lives the way they want to….we get the knowledge buh d answers we want can’t be seen….m so in love with this blog! Adepero gr8 work

  12. I don’t, and neither does google. But one thing I know is that soon, every tear shall be wiped from our eyes

  13. Oh well the answers to these qtns, we can find all around us if we’ll jst take our time to study nature in all its glory n splendor, its simplicity n evn intricacy, and wonder d amount of luv dat must hv bin in d heart of dis awesome creator whn he made nature to compliment our lives, evn yet before he knew us or we were formed. If only we wud practice such amongst ourselves, knowing dat luv abv evryoda law comes 1st and binds all the laws 2geda. This is a call for us to Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ beyond ourselves, and let dese thoughts keep pondering in our minds while awake n whn we go to slp after d day’s work, knowing dat luv in itself makes duty interesting. Adepero is gud to knw u’ve put ur mind to work, and it plagues u wif such thoughts, now dese qtns u must find answrs to urslf…I dare to say a beautiful mind u’ve got. You can tell a tree by its fruit jst as well as Good soil helps develop strong roots….I leave u with dis words.

  14. They re all rhetorical!! Life is just complicated and the best thing to do is to live in it not pondering how many “stones should be turned”…beautiful peace!

  15. (1) Because Religion doesnt make for better people. Religion is about people working hard and striving to match upvwith what they believe is “God’s expectations or standards” without changing the inherent Nature in them wich compels them to do that which they do.

    That’s why the Bible says be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. A renewed mind produces renewed actions.

    (2) We have corruption because all through our Lives, that is all we have known. And humans are always a product of that which they know. We are taught that WAEC is too hard to get by without EXPO, same for JAMB and countless exams. You are told that House-job placement is abt connections, Same for NYSC and Jobs. So having heard and practiced that, we continually tell our younger ones the same.

    (3) As for when the Nigeria of our dreams would arise, My real answer is extremely long buh the short version is; When each and every Nigerian would be willingvtobforgo his/her own peraonal good for the collective good of the nation

    (4) On relationships, Cuz Humans are inherently greedy. We seek that which we cant apparently have because in its getting lies a greater amount of satisfaction.

    (5) Its so difficult to trust people because of the standards to which you hold them and expect them to conform. Plus every one is a self-seeker

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