Here I am again in the cubicle I call a room reading through all your answers and comments to my unending questions
Some got me thinking,some made me smile and others made me laugh!
With each passing day I’m truly happy I started this, few people shared their testimonies of how my articles have helped them make very important decisions in their lives, some have been inspired, some have had reasons to pause, take a seat and reflect!
I want to truly thank everyone for their comments and encouragement, I’m indeed grateful!

What struck me the most about the comments was the fact that the different subjects appealed to different people, it made it beautiful because my readers had diverse interests.
These are some of the replies that got me thinking:
-“If we knew the answers we will be God’s boss”
-“Answers are on our fingertips”
-“We should ponder on this questions”
-“Still wondering…”
-“This is a call to responsibility,purpose and excellent work!”
-“It is a sign of the end time as stated in the holy book”
-“The answers could be found around us if we’ll take time to study nature in all it’s glory and splendour, it’s simplicity and even intricacy”
-“A call to love!”
-“The change begins from within each and everyone of us”

The ones that made me smile:
I was told to ask God (lol).
Some said it inspired them and others saw it as a creative article!

The one that made me laugh:
When a friend named Sandra was out looking for me immediately she read my post, she finally found me in another friend’s room. Mind you, Sandra is really quiet and wouldn’t just go into anyone’s room. When I saw her I was surprised, still was not sure why she had come, she asked with a big smile,“Was it me you were talking about in your post?”
Then I thought perhaps everyone found themselves in my thoughts!


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