Super Sunday!

It was Friday and like most medics I decided to go home to spend time with my family. Before I knew it, Saturday night was in my face, everyone had gone to bed except my sister and I and we were watching a movie and gisting about writing.
We woke up very late for church and our punishment was to get to church ourselves as everyone had left us behind. We finally finished dressing up and walked to the nearest bus stop where we could board a bus. We waited and waited but there were no buses, we couldn’t board a bike as my sister wouldn’t allow us to since Fashola banned their movement in Lagos. She said once the riders see the Police van, they ride at an alarming speed and wouldn’t care about anyone but his precious motorcycle where he gets money for survival. I personally decided to stop after I saw a patient in the Accident & Emergency who sustained segmental fracture due to the reasons my sister had warned me about. Before we knew it,it started drizzling with no shade to hide,I decided to stop the next car praying we wouldn’t fall into wrong hands, I stopped one and we entered. Fortunately, the driver was listening to Christian songs and seemed to be on his way to church too. I was relieved but continued praying silently, he happened to be going towards our church, it was a smooth ride and we alighted safely. I thanked God and with a huge sigh of relief, I said:“There are still good Nigerians”. My sister was wondering how irrational we had been but then Thank God!

I decided to come back to school from church,still happy and very thankful thinking about what might have happened if our helper was a kidnapper!
I got to Ojuelegba and boarded the next bus to Idi Araba. We embarked on our journey and lo and behold, the driver was deaf and dumb! In a bid to calm my nerves, I prayed: “God help me get to school in one piece”. The dumb driver made a sign that we should gather our money together and give it to him. The transport fare was #50 but I gave him #200 to collect #150 change. The bus got to LUTH gate and I was screaming “Luth gate wa o Luth gate wa o” but the bus speed only increased. All the other passengers had to scream and make signs before he stopped, I alighted and then I had to explain I had #150 change to collect,God!

After several sign languages, he understood me, I smiled and thought, “Man is indeed limitless”. On second thought, I wondered if it was safe to have him keep driving. Eventful day it was, with all the drama and risk. Glad I can tell the story now with a smile on my face tho.

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  1. Hehehehehehehehe!Yeah we still have God-fearing citizens in the nation!What would have happened if u fell into d hands of a kidnapper or Ritualist?buh I must say,stopping cars are at our own risk..we gatts b careful.Talkin about the bus driver,its good he ddnt go into some illicit business…he has to make ends meet!n since hz gat both hands n legs..he decided to go into the commercial bus business!

    Above all!God is the master Planner..take everything to him in Prayer n all will be fine. Shallom 🙂

  2. First, yu stopped a lift, fenk God he didn’t lift yu away, second, yu boarded the bus of a dumb man, …….well, God has his way of doing things. Probably he wanted yu to hav a story to tell……^_^…….

    Indeed, he his faithful

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