Nigeria's Normal Is When…

Hello,saw this and thought to share!

#NormalisWhen Nigerian lawmakers fight, engage in free-for-all and no one is punished

#NormalisWhen Students are home because of ASUU strike and Nigerian Minister is abroad attending son’s graduation

#NormalisWhen Criminals like Alams are given state pardons while President GEJ chides “Do not reward corruption”

#NormalisWhen Senior/Junior reg (Doctors) at LUTH are on strike and Minister for Health jets out to US for medical check-up

#NormalisWhen There are only 2 theatres at UCH but 1000s waiting to be operated on and Health Minister dancing over Yellow Card launch

#NormalisWhen Hundreds beg for food and farmers not farming but the long stretch of Lagos-Ibadan expressway is filled with megachurches

#NormalisWhen All the warehouses in Ikeja/Alausa/Apapa industrial zones have been taken over by churches/event centres but industries are folding up

#NormalisWhen Petroleum Minister is untouchable even if Nigeria’s fiscal status is shaky and crude oil theft says “the sky is the limit”!

#NormalisWhen The very road in front of the Camp is bad and faithful members dash Daddy a private jet for his birthday

#NormalisWhen PDP spends 1 year distracting with NGF, nPDP crisis but reconcile few months to 2015 while the opposition enjoys the drama but does nothing

#NormalisWhen Nigerians vote for … because he is from my dash state, of my dash faith even if he ends up giving me dashed hopes! Genetic, huh!

#NormalisWhen You try encouraging Nigerians to stand up for their rights but you’re termed an activist or better yet an ‘alaseju’ *toin*

#NormalisWhen ASUU-home students spend N50 to text a contestant’s unique number and you can’t push FG to see to it that Universities function

#NormalisWhen Politicians give you N100/4yrs, buys off your chances of access to good roads, well-equipped hospitals, functional schools etc

#NormalisWhen Opposition clamour to know salaries of lawmakers before election but mutes after joining the looters to say ‘Aye’ or ‘Nay’

#NormalisWhen The Youth wing of political parties are headed by 60/70 year olds

#NormalisWhen Youths that should engage government in developmental discussions are sagging, seeking for a crumb from the National cake or into hard drugs

#NormalisWhen A corp member I met few weeks ago said she does not know or ever heard of SURE-P! How then would she know Occupy Nigeria? Smh

#NormalisWhen After years of surviving ASUU strikes, semester elongation, bogus tuition fees, a graduate can’t write a-page job application

#NormalisWhen Politicians have private Universities, Group of Schools etc but nation’s education in comatose. He offers scholarship to only 1!

#NormalisWhen Some who read the #NormalisWhen series just chuckles, smile, hiss or shakes head and forget all in the next 1 minute!

Hoping you’re very normal!

Courtesy: @newsbytesnow


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  1. #Normal is when FG buys 53gold plated iphones just to celebrate her 53rd independence…and ASUU is stil asking for their Money …:( :'(

  2. Normal is when they pass a useless bill to legalise child marriage when my retired uncle hasn’t received a penny of his gratuity..8 yrs now. Well said Ajayi

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