It's Gratitude October!

I will be writing about people who have contributed meaningfully to my life in different aspects,this is my lil way of saying gracias for being a part of my life! 🙂

I met Jane in my first year in the University(4years don waka…we still dey carry go…)we became very close and inseparable regardless of our differences!
Jane is a very beautiful,caring and God-fearing lady. She is a friend in need,a friend indeed,She doesn’t judge me!hehehe
Beautifully,today is her birthday!*music*Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you,happy birthday…happy birthday…happy birthday to you* Happy birthday Jane,live long and prosper in good health,joy and happiness,God’s best in this new year! Say Happy Birthday to my friend o Cheers!!! 😀

Birthday girl!

Birthday girl!

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  1. Nice work perry….
    Addendum: Uzoma is fun to be with plus there are no boring moments with her and that point when u think u are done knowing her a better chapter springs up; the truth is one can’t be done knowing her bcos her best is yet to come.
    Note: u aint allowed to call her Uzoma unless u re family,almost a family or planning to b one… God Bless Uzoma and keep her safe as she starts a new year. Amen.

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