It's Gratitude October!III

Last night class together

Last night class

I’m really excited to write this πŸ˜€ ,the next on my gratitude list is… *drum rolls**standing ovation*

Stella has been my classmate since my 2nd year in the University but we never spoke to each other,don’t know why,perhaps our paths never crossed!

I finally met amazing Stella when life happened to both of us in med school hehehe. We were in the same study group and everyone in the group became a family. It was awesome how we all got to like one another. It was a beautiful experience during that phase! πŸ˜€ Above is a group picture of us coming from our last night class together,Stella is the first lady from the right πŸ˜‰

Stella is an amazing being,we could laugh and chat all day non-stop,she is very funny,caring,beautiful,loving,infact,everything good is in @stehllar.

She helped me start my blog,I can remember the day I told myself I was going to start posting on my blog,we slept about 3am that lovely day I posted β€œJust Do It” and she had a walkathon by 7am!

Stella is someone that makes me laugh whenever we both meet regardless of our mood.
I’m glad I met you dearie!
Gracias mademoiselle! πŸ˜€

Amazing Stellar

Amazing Stellar

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  1. Stellaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Yes I know her now *lemme famz small* she’s cool like that. In fact, she’s the coolest fille around. She’s a nice girl tho, think I ‘first’ met her in part two & since then….

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