Like It's Our Last!

These past few weeks have been a bitter-sweet one for me. I’ve had to celebrate with friends and I’ve had to pause for a while to reflect!

First was the plane crash. I felt it was really sad and shocking especially because it was carrying a corpse, I had never heard of a plane crash with a corpse in it. Like Fela chorused in one of his songs, it was a scenerio of “double wahala for dead body and the owner of dead body”. Its appalling to mention the extent of neglect on the part of the pilot or the fact that the plane was a very old one or that the aviation sector of our dear nation is nothing to write home about.

Second was when I heard the death of my friend’s cousin. I never knew him but I was really sober, he was so young!

Third,most of the contacts on my
BBM changed their display pictures to a blank black picture today and put their personal messages as RIP…,a young man also left us! I then thought to myself,really, young or old, no one knows when it will all end. The best is to be prepared and live our lives like today is the last day. These people have gone, all we remember are their memories, whether good or bad, it remains with us!

Most people believe in rapture. Since I was born, everyone had talked about God coming back for us and now it’s so stale and no longer news, but then, it’s a two way thing, it’s either He comes to meet us or we go to meet him.

Wherever we are today,full of vision, purpose and plans for life, let’s pause and ask ourselves some vital questions regardless of where we are, thus far in this journey:
-Assuming I die, who is going to talk good about me?
-How well did I love?
-Did I leave the world any better than it was?
-Of all the things I’ve done, could I have done any more?

If God has deposited so much within you why wait for something to bring it out for you; you had better get to work! Who says you have all the time to live in here. Rather than be buried with greatness, be buried empty having harnessed all your God-given potentials.

If you are comparing yourself with others, it’s hightime you realise you’re on different assignments!

To you without direction,there is a GOD! Talk to him.

To those we’ve lost, may their souls rest in perfect peace,to those of us still here,let us live each day purposefully,like it’s our last!

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  1. Yes dear! No one knows when d time is……we either go to meet Him or He comes to meet us! Nice one!

  2. Every new day is an extra day……death itself is a sermon,a word is enough for the wise,turn to God before it gets too late..Ma Sallam#

  3. I also lost my grandma 2 days ago,RIP to those we lost!!!! great article dah’ll make you sit back nd refix yur life in d Way that pleases God. Sooner or Later, we’ll be calld nd we all definitely wantu make heaven buh are we rily living right…??? #bless y’all nd herpi Sunday

  4. Q50:43:”Verily,it is We who give life & death;and to Us is the final return”
    Death is insurmountable for everyone.
    Best we can do for d dead is pray 4 them…
    Meanwhile,we d living shd make “Being Alive” worthwhile….

  5. D good dat men do wil alwayz live after dem conclusion is love all & impact pple around u positively.God bless Nigeria

  6. Death…If we realise dat our golden heart wud 1 day stop beating, nd all hardworking hands wud b at rest. Den we’l try 2 live like the ripples in a pond… one man can spread out and touch the lives of many others.
    While we r here, let’s fill d world with love and joy.

  7. Well that’s the reality…let’s lead a simple life, so that worldly things doesn’t possess order for our lives to tell extraordinary stories, evn whn we aren’t dere to write it ourselves. Nice Tots Perry.

  8. Hmmmm tru talk ooooo mz perry lik my dad wud say its beta 2 live a fulfilled life n live ur life 2 d fullest,live life lik its ur last cos no1 knows 2maro n 1 advise 2 all, live life lik der is a God,live life lik heaven n hells exists so @ d end of ur journey in life,if does nat truly exist den der wud b no cause 4 regrets.

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