Family is for nurturing
Family is training-ground
Family is for love
Love and care
Family is for happiness and joy
Family is unity and oneness
Family is godliness
And we’re all family,
That’s the perfect picture!

Why then
Do some of us live in the shadow of this Perfect picture?
I learnt such families are called Dysfunctional
The average family is dysfunctional
I need no statistics to back me up
It’s all around me
All over me!

But surely we have differences
But there to make our love stronger
Many times they come
When our hearts are feeble
So we get hurt
And don’t seek healing
For our wounds
Like a terminal disease,
It breeds bitterness,discontentment,
Sadness, depression…
Eating up our hearts!

And as cancer spreads slowly
Through the body,
Bitterness takes root deep down
The heart
Causing harm even to the body

Sore sure stinks!
So wherever you go,
You give them the stink
And they run,
Far away from you.

Unforgiveness doesn’t look good on anyone
Much more a believer!
It’s high time we made a change!
A decision to forgive!
And heal old wounds
That the father of love may heal
That we may have peace and good success!
Family forgives!

My gratitude!

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