This Love Thing Sef!

My room has a very lovely view being on the 3rd floor of the female’s hostel with no obstruction to my viewing pleasure of people entering,leaving and standing outside the hostel,thanks to Student’s Affairs. The room avails me the opportunity of seeing Iya Bunmi’s stand and West’s C&C stand on my left,Block 1 which is opposite,I can see people on the corridor,I could identify them as well(I should be a detective,hehehe),New Great Hall,I sure can see a lot more!

Everyday I see love birds mostly after the 9pm permitted visiting hours to the female hostel(although some lovers find it difficult to abide by this rule…their love must be irresistible!) staying outside my window,some standing,some sitting on parked cars,others sitting inside their boo’s car. I hear giggles,laughters,screams,shouts,sometimes I could hear what they’re saying,other times whispers and sometimes silence,looking out of my window,both boos might be entangled in eachother’s embrace,others holding hands,some others are usually carried away and probably don’t care about the moral consequences of their action,forgetting we’re black not white.

These views are usually very romantic and if you were single,it is the time you hug your teddy bear or bears and give yourself hope that soon your Prince Charming shall arrive,perhaps,he missed his way and is too adamant to ask!

The sad part of these scenes and the “He is just perfect for me”,“He is everything I ever wanted”,“I’ve never loved anyone like this in my life,He must be The One” is that in few weeks or months,gist will start flying that they’ve broken up, making people who really liked them together sad!
Trust Medilag students, gist spreads faster than wildfire!

I have questions for you today, please endeavour to answer the ones you can,thank you!

As girls,there are several rules you follow for a guy to maybe not take you for granted or treat you special,some refer to it as standard.

-If you know a guy likes you,you act like you don’t like or care about him and it’s all lies,suffering and smiling girls! Why?

-Act unavailable even if you are very jobless because the other person might get turned off or you trying to prove,that you’re a busy woman who has a lot on her mind and he’s not on your mind?

-Ignore calls and don’t return calls but then you really want to hear his voice that makes you blush? 😉

-Don’t reply chats immediately. Why?

-Act neutral like you don’t send the poor dude?
This plus the ones in “Think Like A Man” and the others we know.

Please must life be this difficult because you like someone,can’t guys and girls be straight forward,no games,no lies and both parties know what they want from eachother or take advantage of themselves?

Can we ever let this numerous rules go and be true to one another?

This rules truly work wonders but can’t you just be yourself and let the person accept you for who you are?

I think you just get to that stage when you’re tired of the rules or game even if they’ve always worked for you!

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  1. Oh pero! Dis is awesome!..n as 4 love(d boy n girl kind lol), sometimes I sincerely wish I was incapable of it!

  2. I think girls like to put “standard” in the mix because it makes the heart fonder (absence makes the heart fonder). If you are always up in the persons business it may start to get irritating. In the beginning the love thing (calls and chats from sunrise to sunset) may be exciting but later on you’ll both need breathing space.

    Also the “standard” thing helps to save face just incase things get ugly. At least you can walk out with your head high that you didn’t get all mushy mushy in love with the dude. Plus, what if you drop “standard” and go all out by telling the dude you like him and in the end he says he doesn’t feel d same way? Loool your gist will spread round medilag like a plague.

    P.s some guys even like it when “standard” is in the mix. It makes it look like the work of toasting the girl has some reward attached to it.

    If you have the heart for it, you can go all out. If you don’t, feel free behind “standard”. Well done perry 🙂

  3. Guess things just border on trust issues…cos if I’m sure we’re thinking same way, maybe I wouldn’t wanna play games. Nice piece, any rules or ‘standard’ for boys too? *winks*

  4. Its the thrill of the chase. The ardour is invariably gonna cool off eventually, sad, but true. But until it does, its so much fun playing by the standards.

  5. Wat a lovely and very commendable article. I must say u are pretty and reasonably right wit all u av said so far……

  6. Looool!we girls and our ways …well I must say,its a good thing,Cos most guys,having known the fact dat the gal is head over hills them,dey begin to take her for granted,most of the time,dey cheat on them with other girls…most smart girls I know of,exhibit dis nonchalant attitude towards their boo,trust me…their relationship is going on well!
    Guys on the other,don’t know if its in their blood or something,I think they always want more”Oliver twist” A friend of Mine ,after a get together,a lousy type tho…was just yelling”Wey Them babes?”and then,his friend had to caution him that he shouldn’t 4get his Girlfriend is sumwhere thinking about him,and the next thing my friend said was”Abeg,the rule is:Love one,Fvck the rest” which means,he isn’t denying d fact that he has a girl whom he loves,all he just wanna do is get some gals wasted!

    Hmmmm….dumb gals fall a victim of this,but I tell You,A Virtuous Lady wouldn’t…
    To my dear friend Pero,I pray ur eyes won’t see what its not meant to see !!!Kudos to you :* :* :*
    Shallom !:)

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