The Change That Begins With You!

Yes, we all clamour for change and progress in our nation; we complain about almost anything – bad roads, poor electricity supply, bad governance, corrupt leaders – the list is indeed endless!

What we fail to realise is we keep doing the same things and expect change to come. We believe Mr President and the members of his cabinet are the bad ones. What about what we do in our different spheres of influence? At our various offices, schools, churches, mosques, wherever we find ourselves. Hardly do we realise we are contributors to the ills affecting this giant called Nigeria!

The change we desperately desire begins and depends on you and I by standing for the truth regardless, yes!

Truth and justice is not in vogue anymore, the “chop and clean mouth” syndrome is the new order. Nevertheless, you can stand out from the greedy crowd.

The change we all clamour for begins with ourselves and depends greatly on the choices we make; on our decisions and actions in our various spheres of influence.

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  1. Inspiring indeed! I do hope little by little our orientation begins to change and really it starts with articles like this. Good job!

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