Day 1: Ngozi

I present to you the first of this series; Ladies and Gentlemen help me welcome Ngozi,a lovely friend, today happens to be her birthday,happy birthday to you, live long and prosper dearie,say happy birthday to her!!!! 🙂

It’s my birthday! It’s been a wonderful year, my busiest year infact. The year started with my part II professional exam which was 2weeks of sleepless nights, the worst was my pharmacology practical examination where I did not see the ‘except’ in 15 questions. Kanyinsola and I got down on our knees in our room and started serious prayers on that paper. Thank God I’m in 400level now sha..

Then my duty as the welfare secretary of The University of Lagos Association of Dental Students (ULADS) started full force; catering for CODEH’s and other activities. Then the health week week was … Well.. Words cannot explain, but I thank God for my friends, roommates, neighbours and pseudoroomie(Moyo) who helped me survive that tenure.

Then my 400level postings *coughs*… Well as a dental student, it was a blast.. except my endocrine medicine posting where I met my worst nightmare Dr. K – 8 weeks of hell. That woman was so annoying, to think that she wanted to call my mother *rolling my eyes*. Although I did not let her affect my grooving period o! I remember when Kayinsola, Jane( my roommates) and I, went for a shoot at Lagos Buisness School.. FUNNY DAY, the cab man wanted to eat us at LBS… Although we haven’t seen the pictures *sigh*.

And I am so thankful this year for my roommates and neighbours and pseudoroomies, we are family and I wish we could just be together till we marry… Wish we could rent a house together and be housemates… Kayinsola and Jane always forming open hatred hidden love.. Mummy Sike :D.. Yewande along side Kayinsola, the terrorists, Ope idiaraba and Dami the alarmist and iya baby(Shade) as well. Adura my partner in crime.. That’s how lastma caught us at lekki phase one crossing the road instead of the bridge and we started speaking English and quoting Law we don’t know, thank God for Oluchi…I am thankful for my sisters and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Also thankful for my besties Oluchi and Nonso… Who love me even more when I mess them up…lol.. I can’t ask for any better besties, cos I’ve got the best!

Then my blood brothers from other mothers and my roommates in boys hostel, Femi Fits, Chad and Sam.. I can’t picture a life without them.

Then the family get together we had in September was bliss.. A breath of fresh air after Dr. K and welfare secretary experience.. I’ve resumed dental school now and it’s back to business… And I’ve resumed my boring life 🙁 .

The combination of both my 400Level posting and my tenure as welfare secretary put together was supposed to cause permanent psychological breakdown but then with the love and help from the friends I love so much it has been just a wonderful experience for me. I have the best extended and nuclear Family, roommates and pseudoroomies :D, besties, close frends and friends any girl could ask for and I am greatful to God for this year.

Next year is a new year and I have numerous resolutions in my head just like I did last year (even though none of them were actually resolved…lol). Am running for editor in chief in ULADS currently, I’ve started dental school and a new hostel list is coming out next year; a brand new adventure for me next year am looking forward to… Frankly I don’t think I can have a year like I this one, but I anticipate a better one next year!

Lastly, I’ll like to say thanks in advance to everyone for the birthday wishes! 🙂

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