Day 4: Oumissa

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Oumissa! 😀


In 2013, I unravelled amazing levels of inner strength, honed my ability to endure difficult situations and found a reason to smile no matter what.

In addition, the cumulative experience has helped me accept everyone for who they are and be patient while they improve themselves. This is because we all are a product of past experiences.

I discovered treasures in long-forgotten places and realized that lots of joy and happiness can exist especially if we choose to give more than we receive.

In all I have learnt to see the good side of everyone and everything!

As we move on to the next stage, I hope to improve in life’s different facets and be the best I can be. Along the way though, it would be real nice to share beautiful times with everyone I come across for the dream is to add colour to the lives of others.

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