DAY 5: Yewande

Hello, please meet beautiful Wande Rules, enjoy!

As I reflect over 2013.. I realise it’s been a long, hard but yet successful year. I’m Yewande Kowontan, you can call me Wande.. And my year started on an awesome note in every sense of the word, because every of my loved ones had made it into the year alongside myself and I couldn’t just thank Him enough, well you can only imagine my excitement… Then so suddenly an event threatened to turn my awesome year into not so awesome when I lost a friend on the 11/01/13.. the excitement of the new year’s season wasn’t even over yet, it was a sad time. Angels continue to guide your path home Irawo Adamolekun. He was such a lovely person, I was practically struggling to accept this reality, but like they say time heals all wound; He’s etched in our memories forever.

Daily life brought with it lots of happy moments, if I started to count words will get exhausted. Even so came scary moments… anyways no one said life was going to be a bed of roses, I knew better. Just 2weeks to my 1st semester examination, I took ill. I had thought it was all the stress and it will pass, till I found myself on admission for days at A&E, I missed incourses, if you know what that means, you’ll probably get a better understanding of what it implies… my mind was a running crisis. Finally, after the long wait results were out. Fears put to rest, as it came out wonderful! I was too excited to contain my happiness.

Yes, I’m the girl who cries at movies and gives the silly ex a second chance but what’s life without a little heart and foolishness. So I found out the so-called bf was cheating and the rest was history, and yea i was in a bad place for a while, but the heck; was good riddance to bad rubbish…you can tell a tree by its fruit just as time has a way of showing us what really matters so I moved on, looking forward to brighter days.

You see early September was to be one of my happiest moments because I should have been done with promotional exams which would sky dive me into my Final year!! A long journey of 5yrs in CMUL and I was coming closer to the finish line, I was ecstatic but all thanks to the hiccups of our educational system, it didn’t happen, though I really had high hopes. You just might feel I’m going overboard with my excitement but the wait has only been made sufferable by awesome friends have made over time and of course knowledge imparted in me, it remains invaluable, like one of my lecturers will say the motto; “In Truth and Indeed” you have to be found worthy in knowledge and character, in their own little ways, they all have contributed their quota to my fountain of knowledge and made it an interesting time, I cannot thank them enough.

I look forward to next year with high hopes and goals, set to achieve such as an aspiring young lady growing in perilous times; to be steadfast and strengthen my relationship with God, ever since I’ve known him He brings unending joy to my life even now and after I have learnt to seek His will.
To graduate as top ten percent of my graduating class of 2014, I’ve always had an eye for fashion designing, to learn the practical of how a piece of material is made into a beautiful work of art and finally to be a high-flyer and so much more, so help me God.

In 2014 don’t just make money make memories too, It will be the time to live the things you only dreamt before.

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  1. Yewande Kowontan, you’re a great piece. I know you’ll have a great 2014. Congrats; You were a champion in 2013.

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