Day 6: Yousoof

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Yusuf!!!

2013! I guess it was a great idea to have me reflect over these past months. What I find hard to believe is how time flew past so fast. No thanks to my so-called short-term memory, I almost didn’t remember anything. I just had to be saved by the photo album on my phone and those memories came back to life.

I was able to compile a long list of important events in 2013, full of terribly mixed feelings. I would recall the year started pretty much with normal academic challenges. I was in my 2nd year in Medical school and the Almighty exams (we call it PROSE) were staring in our faces. That exam still remains my toughest experience with life. I can’t even begin to explain what I went through for months. *sigh* I only have God to thank for it was all worth it in the end.

2013 presented a lot of fun moments too. I recall Go-Karting with Sahaa a day after her birthday, I remember I won too! 😀 We had a swell time. There was also this buffet for Habeeb’s birthday. Classy! Coupled with my many trips and outings.

On the other hand, it was a year for some happy-turned-sour moments. I welcomed my cute ‘niece’ happily into the world only to lose her about 3 months later after such intense struggles with her health right from the beginning! Really sad times those were…RIP Amina…Uncle loves you.
Happy-turned-sour moments would not leave out falling in and out of love too. Looking back, it feels like those mistakes were really worth making.

2013 was also a year to #SkillUp! I had a lot of fun learning by volunteering this year. The BeyHealth team were just tremendous and the Slum2School team just seems like a new family. I’m glad with the level of impact and exposure. I surely wouldn’t forget my first time in Makoko! It was an experience I can hardly describe. I also got into the business of graphics designing this year and it was cool to make a few peanuts.

Family Moments were just the best. I cherish my times at home with my parents and siblings a lot. It feels good remembering those Eid times as well as the family outings. This year was also one with a major breakthrough for my brother with his trip abroad repping Unilag. I always feel grateful and proud whenever I remember. Not to forget, my last brother also turned 10. I have a few wonderful images from the fun and laughter as a family. Great moments!
Closely linked are the Food Feasts during Ramadan. We had this sorta ‘family-like’ arrangement in school. Super! Lots to eat at Iftar and Sahur, many thanks to darling Muibi of course.

School moments would also have to include my experiences in the clinics and wards. I remember clerking a Mushin market woman who snatched her case notes from me and didn’t want to answer any of my I was so shocked! Then again, the various political dramas that ensued. I happened to be the Deputy Chairman of my student association’s senate and we got to impeach the President. This caused a lot of controversy in school, made people almost call for my head…hehe. I’m just glad I made it through tho. There were also some very intriguing election moments. The BIB Vs Alagbada contest was overly intense.

And Yes, how would I imagine forgetting my Writer’s Club family moments? We had loads of fun this year too. The outings to some very interesting Open-mic events were just awesome! Coupled with our sleepless nights with bulletin production…*whew*

I also had one of the best birthdays ever this year. Many thanks to my friends for making it worthwhile. Most credit would have to go to Pero for playing a huge part in my memories of that day…much love! I can’t also leave out my excapades with my crazy roomies…O.B n LaDon! Crazy people those guys are. All the jokes and tantrums added spice to the year. OB would sure not forget our ordeal at a very fruitless TV show recently…lmao!

I guess I pretty much covered all. I hope I dint bore you guys…took a lot to drain this memory bank.

To conclude, I really cannot thank God enough for everything. I hope 2014 even presents many more opportunities to make even better memories. Thanks so so much for this opportunity to reminisce… 🙂 😀

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