DAY 8: Bimbo

I present Bimberium Batata…one person that has been reading all my posts from the start of this blog. Enjoy!

Hello everyone…finally I get to drop something in here. I’m Bimbo, an undergraduate. Oh well, 2013! I must say has been filled with happiness and sadness, more of happiness though.

Let me start with January which is of course the best month ‘cos it’s my birthday month, I’m always looking forward to January of which I’ve started my countdown…Ok, January to March(first semester), everything went fine, I thank God and will continue to thank him for my results so far. I made a lotta good friends, well…I’m good at making new friends lol!

First semester ended and we resumed second semester, April/May…lotta interesting things happened; welcome part et al. The semester got serious till June when we started hearing rumours of ASUU strike, lo and behold July 1st, the strike commenced… 🙁 most students were glad but I wasn’t because I knew the strike was gonna last like forever, my instincts didn’t fail me. So far, the past 5months has really been a wasted one but I give thanks to God for everything, there’s this popular saying that goes thus: “You got life, you got hope”.

This is December! My gratitude goes to my creator, I’m nothing without him.

2014 in a bit! Another year, another January :D, I hope for a better Nigeria, I forsee a better year, a year free of ASUU strike, a year free of plane crashes, a year free of bomb blasts et al.

Conclusively,life isn’t a bed of roses,so whatever comes our way,good or bad…be Thankful*in drake’s voice* Don’t Think About It Too much.
#Shallom 😀

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