DAY 9: Oluwamayomikun

I present to you my friend, sister, aunt, mother and confidant…Enjoy!

2013 has been a year full of so many things to be grateful to God for. It was a year I experienced God’s mercy first hand or how do you describe June 5, a Wednesday that started normally with a plan to dash to Oyo state to pick my children for the midterm break. A smooth journey to but fro turned out to be a platform for my everlasting gratitude. The Lagos-Ibadan expressway would have been the end of two generations but for God who said NO! The accident wrecked our car which somersaulted a couple of times, and in fact, landed on the other side of the ever busy expressway, but God preserved me, and mine. But for those that saw me afterwards, any mere mortal reading this won’t believe only I (maybe because I drove) sustained just bruises! Suffice to say that the trailer which swerved and got us off balance did not wait to see what followed. He probably thought it best to move on lest he be forever put in jail for killing all four in that car.

Why won’t I be grateful? Help came in the middle of nowhere, almost instantly. The stories we hear of police officers in this part of the world are nothing interesting but their rescue efforts on this day will change your view and of course, is worthy of mention. Not only did they team up with other kind-hearted travellers to get us all stable on the spot, they ensured we were safely evacuated and our crushed car towed without harassment by other security officials patrolling the highway. This they did by escorting the tow truck as far as Ogerre, Ogun state. The angels of the Lord ensured we got beyond there to Lagos with ease.

Everyone who saw the car could not help but marvel as they found it miraculous the accident did not claim even one soul. This is one great mercy I will forever be thankful for.

This singular event of the outgoing year has made it so difficult to pick up any regrets or even remember any unpleasantness.

Looking back, I would have loved to reach out to widows, widowers and the lonely, as I have done for some 4 years, save 2012 and this year. I really had my plate full and a lot of my energy has been focused on a national project that began last year. This has really competed with this part of my mission which has been a source of inspiration to me and every one who benefited from Lafta4dLonely. Am sure this have also deprived the Lafta4dLonley team – volunteers who have given and will be willing to give their time, services and resources to impact these people – that fulfilment they have experienced each and every time we organised a seminar, outreach, Christmas party, Children’s Day etc for the lonely. As the arrow head, I take full responsibility for allowing psychological and financial fatigue set in, so much so that the Radio arm of the project – Lafta4dLonely was equally paused. This will surely be one area that I intend relaunching in the incoming year by His grace.

As the national project launches into its third year, I am projecting a firm structure for it, as well as getting prospects for investors. I see expansion beyond this level, and coverage to other crucial aspects of our national lives.

Permit me to end this review with gratitude for provisions in every area of my life, far beyond any previous year. The bills increased, so increased provision. I am grateful to God for my children, family, friends and importantly for those I have been privileged to impacted positively.

It is by His grace that I have danced through 2013, His praise will usher me into 2014, and His love will preserve me and mine through and through.

For you reading my review, enjoy God’s unforgettable touch of favour from now and beyond.

Compliments of the Season and Have a glorious year in advance! Shalom!

Oluwamayomikun Akpoterabor

Twitter – @lafta4dlonely
Email –
God’s best is …YOU!

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  1. Am grateful 2 God who thwarted d plan of d enemy over your life and dat of your kids. May him be forever be praised. Let me say that you ve been a not only a empowerment to people, but a reason to smile. For the uncompleted projects, 2014 will provide needed grace to finish in good time. Thanks for all your platforms of enlightenments. Wish u the best.

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