DAY 12: Idowu

This is an interesting one… Enjoy! 🙂

Mz Perry’s persistence in getting me to do this was a driving force to actually do it. Now I’m sitting at the reading room of OPH hostel on December the 10th, not because of the peace and quiet of the place but because I’m running away form her to actually write. Nobody knows I’m here and now that you know please don’t tell her. This occurrence is a bit similar to how 2013 went by, I was always busy with little or no time for myself. Before I continue with how busy my life was this year, let me introduce myself. My name is Dabiri Idowu Olaide, a …that should do, this is not my autobiography.

The new year for me came with thanksgiving and a lot of celebration, however, somewhere behind my head, I was reminded of my forthcoming examination. Amidst the wining and dining was reading and studying. In a way, the whole new year feeling wasn’t there at a point. It was like 2013 was a continuum of 2012 with all those big books I was reading. In the course of the year, I learnt something, “Each time, no matter how small it is, is new and another gift from God for you to love. Be thankful and use it wisely”.

Then the exams came and left with a few of my close friends. I had made it to the next class but they had not. I was sad but was consoled by the fact that God has good plans for all his children. With the new class came endurance training; standing with *what am I saying* standing by all those consultants and all was not a joke, was it the standing for hours or the public draining of ‘purulent pus’?, in all it made us strong and our percussion note highly resonant.

In July, God found me worthy to lead in His house. It has been a period of learning and pruning, but His faithfulness has been comforting. It has taught me so much about people.
With August came the 10th year anniversary of the death of a loved one. How time flies!
Very recently in November came massive work, the biggest I’ve ever experienced, I learnt how not easy it was to organise a 5-Day conference for about 1,500 medical students. It was God’s strength that saw me through.

In all, 2013 was a big year for me. It was filled with so much work and fun. One in which I worked and was worked on. A year where I started learning how to love people God’s way, to look beyond their weaknesses. Humans are not perfect but love sees what the eyes can’t- the potential to be perfect. It was also a funny year with an emotional roller coaster. All those people on my neck that… Nah, none of your business 🙂 ;). It was a year I learnt that work is easier, faster and done better when we learn to divide labour and delegate responsibilities. The people are available, they are around you.

Of course it’s not complete without family. I learnt that my family is my greatest asset after God. They are the best people in the world. God loves the family setting and neither school nor work should seperate you from them. Take this minute to tell them how much you love them.

Trusting you have called family and expressed your love to them; me looking at the new year, to be candid, all I see is God. I see Him helping me plan my life, love people His way, make my decisions for me, manage my time for me, conquer places and things for Him and show forth his glory in me. Also to help me love my family. In essence, to be everything He wants me to be for I’m His Work in Progress. I’m gonna enjoy 2014, from the new year to the very end by God’s grace.

With my shoulders raised high, I’m thinking, “Why don’t I take a walk on topmost floor (that’s where Perry’s room is). What if She sees me? For a moment there I had tachycardia. Wait! I have finally finished writing. The remembrance of this was soothing, wow! It’s bad to be a debtor o. Do you know what I’ll say when I see her, I’ll say “Thanks for the opportunity and priviledge to have this posted on your blog. Here it is. I hope it blesses people that read it”. I will give her my priceless smile and walk away like in the movies. In my heart, happy and extremely glad I did it!

Merry Christmas & Happy New year in advance…

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    1. nice one at my dear Vpee Idowu…your life spells an abundance of testimony and camaraderie of God’s glory. I can see all of God’s in this new year. For God is working in us…He has given us the desire and power to do that which pleases Him. God bless you sis.

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