DAY 14: Chimezie

I present to you my ever loving ex-roomie, the love still runs in our veins, we can gist ehn… Enjoy!!! 😀

New Year begins…….. let us pray

That it will be a year with new
Peace,New Happiness,
and abundance of new friends,
God’s blessings…

Another fresh new year is here……
Another year to live! To banish worry,
doubt, and fear,
to love and laugh and give! so they say.

I’d daily grow and try to be my highest and my best! I promised ( at least I thought I heard myself say)

And so I looked forward to the future by giving a New Year’s Resolution (which was to have None! Actually)

But during the course of the year….

I made it a point to take care of friendships before they needed repairing, to get together once in a while to “catch up”. Stopped hanging out with people I didn’t really like, people who were friends out of convenience or something.
Made a couple of new friends who are dear to me shout out to my crazy roomies (I still maintain, I’m the only sane one in the room -_-)

Not settled for a relationship out of fear of being alone, went on random dates, talked to attractive strangers, things that won’t always be appropriate. Let myself be all caught up in the ecstasy of the possibility of someone new.
Now I’m a married woman 🙁
Realised the great freedom of getting to go out with friends.

Started saving, even in tiny bits here and there.
( I really should have started this ages ago *sigh*)

Still wish to travel (regardless of the fact that this is medilag and incourses come up every week) when people ask me to accompany them on a trip, and the urge strikes me to spend a weekend in a nearby place I never really explored.

Read when I had the chance, carved out time to quietly do so, attended more classes, learned about whatever, not for incourses and attendance alone but because I wanted to.

Cared enough to figure myself out, dealt with the major, over lying issues, acknowledging things for what they are and then moved on and realised all that will ever matter is figuring out how to live happily.

Looking back now, I can’t help but think about the great memories that the year has given (ruled out many of the items on my To Do list ‘cos I done did ’em Yey!!! *walsh dance*) though others just want to flip to January ( Yes!! I’m included still in this Venn diagram of people :D…. By the way, this has nothing to with the fact that I’m January born -_-) on their calendars and forget last year even happened (ok maybe some moments in the year happened).

So it is that many months have gone, 11months actually.
Who would have thought time would go by so fast.

And we’re here again…

Cheers to a New Year and Another chance for us to get it right
A fond farewell to the old;
Here’s to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold and the new year would bring…

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