DAY 15: Moyosore

I present to you and introduce to some my stubborn lovely beautiful lil sis although she isn’t little o, she has been a huge source of help and support to Perryztots! Enjoy! 😀

Hallos everyone! My year really hasn’t been one of those that I would quickly reply “Inspiring” if I were asked how it went. However, I remain thankful to God for many things that I can’t afford to lost here for lack of time. I remain thankful for my family, my friends(shout outs!) ;the wonderful people I met and got to know and for everyone.

I am thankful for my teaching experience although I wasn’t fully paid lol, but I really enjoyed writing on the board and watching the other teachers look strangely at my class, I was only happy my students understood Literature-in-English taught thoroughly, thanks to Chroma.

I cannot but mention my experiences; UTME & Post UTME, the moments I slept during the night waking up momentarily when my mind tugged at me to read, but falling asleep almost immediately, with that happening almost every night, I never woke up to read at night; all glory to God, I passed both exams and I’m now an undergraduate, waiting since the last 5months to start 1st semester, many thanks to ASUU.

And I am thankful for all the moments I have had the privilege to let God’s glorious light shine through me…and in me.

I am not happy that I’ve had to wait 5months at home instead being in school, seriously, time never waits naa.

I am not happy Chinua Achebe died without me meeting him! Yeah! 🙁

I am not happy that somethings are, that really are not meant to be.
All in all, I am thankful to God for the happy and not-so-happy times.

Next year, I want to grow into a beautiful young girl, be excellent in all I do, be more serious with my clothing line and get more funds also, write a lot more, and read a lot more, mainly African Literature, publish…; blog, teach during holidays, have more friends, meet interesting people, have fun, I’m going to go Book Clubbing a lot, be true, learn to drive, just have fun and most of all be a lover(don’t get it twisted!). 😉

Moyosore Ajayi.

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