DAY 17: Stella

A special kinda friend 🙂 Enjoy!
I screamed and shouted my lungs out on the 1st of January this year. I had hopes, plans, expectations, desires et al. I committed them into Gods hands and I set to work. I didn’t do the traditional new year resolution thing because it usually doesn’t see the light of the second month of the year. I decided to live each day as it comes, afterall man proposes and God disposes. It has been a “stageful” year for me: the working phase, the resting phase and the back to work phase.

I gallantly walked into this year with examinations on my mind. With all the scary stories I heard about the examination, my eating, sleeping, thinking were exam based. Life happened and I passed at the end so I’m grateful to God. My birthday this year was celebrated in the exam hall, under duress and stress. Its one birthday I won’t be forgetting in a long time. I couldn’t even eat well. Thank God for my roommates that remembered it was my birthday and cooked for me. Even if the birthday wasn’t celebrated in the way many would have expected, I still remain thankful to God that he added a year to my life here.

Le Blog!!! It has been running for sometime now and its growing. I couldn’t write for a while during the year and I thought people would forget about it. I returned to it and the response was tremendous. I don’t even have to post the link so many times now, all I do is just put up the link and someone, somewhere would read it and share. Also, I passed the 5,000 views mark 🙂 For that I’m grateful. My writing is getting better, I now write poems 🙂 . Yeah, I once said I would never do that but you never know when the wind of change would blow across your face.

I met a lot of people this year. For someone that is very reserved I can say I did well in growing the circle of people I know. I took part in the World Record Tooth brushing Challenge and it was a success. I went for conferences, walkathons, programmes, seminars et all (Now, you know I’m adventurous).

My self-teaching language classes are still ongoing. Learning french et German together. My siblings tease me that I’m speaking gibberish but I don’t currrrrrrr….:). I can now drive, at least I’m sure I won’t crash a car (toy-car actually).

Ma famille has been great. They’ve been supportive and objective when needed. They helped to make my 2013 memorable. Its true that you can’t choose the family you are born into but I’m satisfied with heavens choice for me.

It wasn’t a challenge free year for me. What’s life without challenges? The ability to face challenges and overcome them, makes life worth living.

2013 was a gradual process year for me, everything happened at its own pace. I look forward to a better 2014. God took me through 2013 and he will see me through again. I hope to grow in every aspect (weight not inclusive) and learn new things. I’m also expectant that the man whose rib I’m holding, will come and ask for his missing rib 😉


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Seasons Greetings from Perryz tots! 😀

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  1. Stella, I see your heart and your person in this piece. I know you’ll have a better 2014. As for the ribs, you sure will get him come disturb you for it because you’re sure a great person.

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