DAY 18: Kuku

A great listener… Enjoy! 🙂

Hello, my name is Kuku Risikat Adenike.
Wow!!! the spot light is on me today(okay now), ehen initially I thought that I didn’t have anything to share until I checked my diary and I noticed that I sure have something to share.

2013 for me has been a good year to an extent at least it started on a good note with a lot of laughter and celebration in ushering in the New Year, it was better than last year which started with the nationwide strike due to fuel subsidy.

The most exciting part of this year was when I wrote my final examinations…omo mhen it wasn’t easy I was so scared about a particular course which surprisingly I scaled through. Another exciting event was when I travelled to Abeokuta with some of my friends it was so much fun, we had the opportunity of seeing Olumo rock and also learnt about ancient stuff; I was also involved in electing new executives in my school which was very educating and interesting because it showed me how politics is being done in a school environment. 2013 was a year I reconnected with God because at some point I drifted away from Him but I’m happy that I got back into God’s household. October was also an exciting month for me, my family and I travelled to Ogun State to experience the annual Ojude Oba Festival, it was “mad” I had so much fun. I am also grateful to God for adding another year to my age which I celebrated with my friends and family. I had the opportunity of meeting beautiful people who came from various walks of life with different personalities and I am glad I met them regardless of their shortcomings.

Also the music industry this year has improved a great deal, the artists are doing a good job, music connects people and also helps to reach out to you regardless of what you’re going through at that particular moment , basically the entertainment industry has really improved this year and I am proud to be a part of this progress.

Hmmm, January was the lowest point of the year for me because within the space of 31 days I lost 4 people, in just one month!!! , although I was not directly related to them but I was in one way connected to them because they were parents of my friends, it was the most scary month of my life because everyday I woke up with this bad sensation that I was going to receive another bad news, I was even scared for my parents but I thank God that they are alive and well, R.I.P to Mrs. Oladapo Oladeji who died January 7th 2013, Mr. Udom Samson who died January 8th 2013, Mrs. Isiaka Damilola who died 11th 2013, Mr. Ogunyemi Yomide who died 28th January 2013.

February was also a tough month for me because I was extremely broke throughout the month it was very unusual that such could happen to me, I was still in denial until it dawned on me, anywayz I survived the month . February 1st was also my brother’s birthday.

March 8th 2013 I lost my paternal grandfather, I was so devastated when I heard the news as in completely down, I also lost a very dear friend September 9th 2013, hmmm till today am still in denial that he is truly dead ‘cos I saw him a week before he travelled only for me to receive the news of his death a week after *smh* such is life.

My expectation for 2014 is for it to be better than 2013, I don’t really believe in making resolution because people just make promises that they fully know they won’t keep, I only hope to be a better person than I am this year. I also hope next year I won’t lose anybody to the claws of death.

Cheers guys !!! 😀

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s tots! 😀

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