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2013, journey so far…
It’s hard to believe that about 352 days are gone and here am I finding it difficult to recollect the significant events that transpired within the period. But, I remember that immediately after the New Year break on the second of January, my classmates and I went to The Water Works for the Community Health posting and on that day, I bought my phone. That was how the year began.

Nothing much happened until 11th of March, the last time I had a warm bath, it was after Pharmacology examination, thanks to The Almighty PROS (professional examination). The only adjective I can use to describe that paper is “tough”. At the end of that paper, my head was banging in a special kind of way, I had to use cold water to cool the heat in my brain, I have always had a cold bath after that day. Pharmacology was the life changing course. The ‘prozy’ period was a challenging one for me.

Alhamdulillah, I was able to scale through the prozy hurdle and that piloted me to the next level –The clinicals. At the clinics, it is a different ball game entirely, more of practical and clerking (interacting with patients).
I remember the day I had to clerk a 45 year old woman who had Diabetes, it was customary to always ask if there was any history of seizure, so I did. I asked in Yoruba,

“Mama, se e ni warapa ninu ebi yin?”
(Mummy, are you epileptic?)

My question enraged her and so she flared up and declined further questions. Definitely, that was sure trouble for me because I would not have a complete history to present to the consultant. My classmates had to intercede on my behalf. She was eventually placated and later co-operated with me and I was able to get what was required of me. From then on, I learnt how to euphemize my language.

It is difficult for me to talk outside academics because I’m close to being an introvert, I’m not a fan of outings and all. However, there was one I had that I can vividly remember. It was the Bey-Health experience. A very interesting and educating one I must say. Thanks to Yusuf and Taofeeq. What is boldly engraved in my memory about the event was a decision we agreed to at the end of the 3-day programme. We decided to see a movie at The Silverbird Galleria. We had high hopes that the movie was going to be on point, only for us to blame ourselves after paying N2000 to watch, through 3-D lenses, a man and three women in what looked like a single scene for about 2 hours in a movie called GRAVITY, that incident made me decide decisively that I would never see any movie in the cinema again with a group of friends. The next time I shall be going to the cinema, Insha Allah, it has to be with ‘Her’. The problem now is I don’t know who she is, I don’t know what she looks like but I have an idea of what I expect her to be. So, I’m still looking for someone to love me completely, someone to show me true love, just like Mr Idibia said. I might have to place a notice in front of Blocks 4 and 5, and OPH (girls’ hostels) saying “WIFE WANTED, interested candidates should apply ASAP.” As for now, it is an emphatic NO to relationships. My heart is too feeble to be joggled. I don’t want to bother myself on a girl that does not care about my existence.

Outside of these pleasant experiences is this tragic one I do not like to remember. I lost my aunt. She died at UCH following a surgery after childbirth. We lost her and her baby. A double tragedy it was! Also on the 24th of November, another pathetic thing happened. A family friend lost her 17 month old baby. Severe sepsis with complicated meningitis was the cause of death. My eyes were saturated with the sight of tragic scenes. I pray not to witness anymore within the short period left for 2013 to bid farewell.

Enough about 2013 cannot be put into writing simply because I can’t remember most of what had transpired. Let’s assume that was all about 2013.

Come 2014, I hope to see a better Abdulazeez. I would really love him to be more disciplined, more respectful, and I also want him to be better mannered. I would also admire him more if he becomes more spiritually and academically sound. For my dear Nigeria, I hope to see a stable economy. A lot of political reforms, I expect in her. I want to see the health sector revamped, university education without interruptions unnecessarily. I pray this next fiscal year profits us in all spheres of human endeavour.


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  1. Hmmm…great man Azeez!!! Only better days are left for you in 2013, no more pain et sorrow. 2014 will usher in joy and happiness. Enjoy the year ahead!

  2. Hey,dis is d best piece I have read here so far……I wish u a better you in 2014.enjoy d bst it has to offer

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