DAY 20: Ololade

Hello everyone, before I introduce today’s write-up, sure this series has been interesting 🙂 ,anyway, there’s going to be a slight change in how the remaining part of this series will unfold, I got over 30 entries and all has to be posted, so, some days will have two posts up. Enjoy! 😀

I present my School Mother… Enjoy! 🙂

Looking back from January till now, I cannot but be thankful to God.
The year has been full of different events, the good, the bad, the awkward and the ugly.
The awkward ones where right between the bad and ugly.

The year started with me having so many dreams and aspirations but as events unfolded… by mid-year I decided to just sit and watch God handle things because most of all I planned didn’t just go the way I planned, I was sad initially only to realise God had better plans for me. In that, I’ve learnt to just trust God for things and watch how it turns out-no over stressing my head again.

I’ve come to appreciate friendship, when I was down my good friends helped me up (My Perry baby inclusive) 😀 . Thank God for my good friends, if you don’t have good friends around that’s serious trouble- go find them my friend!

Looking at 2014, I’m really excited, hoping for new things being that I’ve learnt not to over stress myself, it will be a time to sit back and trust God, and I aspire to be a step ahead than I am now in my career.

Have a beautiful and Merry Christmas, I wish y’all the best of the New Year! 😀

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s tots! 😀

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