DAY 21: Greatson

Greatson… Enjoy! 🙂

It’s 3:30am…here I am trying to figure out how to start this…about how the year has been and so on, ok. Here it goes… I could either try to put down a beautiful, writer-like, captivating piece…or I could write like this.

One basic thing about 2013 is that I learnt a lot of fundamental truths….about life, love, family, friendship…..through experiences…my experiences. And in all, I wanna believe they have all made me a better person. Few things compare to having a personal life testimony for as many situations.

As usual, I’d start with the bad..which with all gratitude to God, could have been much worse. Basically, just feelings of disappointment( which includes me disappointing o), betrayal( yeah, including me betraying), and all those other messed up feelings one might get some times..(Eww, what are you thinking about). I did and said things that really hurt the ones I cared about(notice how it’s plural?), and then those times that I felt so far from God because of the things I had so far!
But the good thing wasn’t all bad( be honest it never is).

Highlights… I found love( oh please, don’t smile), broke addictions(yaay!!!) built lifelong relationships, found purpose, continued education( ha, if you know how much that means), gave my sister away in marriage and most importantly, getting to finally start a lasting relationship with God that I can build on. Did I mention I found love? 😉 So many other details that I can’t but be grateful. So all in all, I know it was a good year.

Oh 2014 is gonna be awesome. I know God is taking me places, leading me in the way I should go, teaching me to hear His voice and act accordingly. I’m gonna do all that is required of me and an extra mile, I’m going to make my Father proud…and then my daddy proud. Train myself in Word and skill. And be the man He wants me to be…and she too.. 😉

Ok, that’s it. That should do it, abi? Thanks for having me….on your blog I mean.. Jesus…
Maybe I should have just gone with the beautiful, writer-like,captivating piece… What am I thinking. Its not even dawn…

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s tots! 🙂

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  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m sorry, I just have to smile. Love is a beautiful thing *in d’banj voice* No need for a “captivating” piece as long as you express yourself. I wish you a better 2014…. Make her proud! *wink*

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