DAY 22: Olasubomi

Sweet friend… Enjoy! 🙂

My name is Ibidapo Subomi, 500 Level Medical Student of the University of Lagos, let’s go to today’s business…

Year 2013 has been a terrible year I must say but I’m waiting for this month to turn it’s identity around. My academics, spiritual life, emotions, relationships, finances, every aspect of my life that could go wrong went just that way, wrong!

In the midst of the wrongs, I found some right things, I had the best roommates ever; Christiana(Book addict), Victory(Noise maker), Idowu(Sister’s Coordinator)…you can imagine, it has been fun staying with them, we talk a lot, no quarrels, little quiet times, they can be troublesome but the love dey kampe…Roomies love you loads!
I almost lost a friend, TBAM, a very stubborn boy but with a caring heart…
I attended CMDA camp, also attended Le Boo’s. Sister’s wedding with my friends and I’m glad I did 😀
Love found me this year, a loving guy with a promising future… I love you G…Still on relationships, I established good rapport with people and I must say this; Lanre proposed to Sunlola yaay!!! You don’t know them so don’t take a guess.
Yes I had 2 resits this year but thanks be to God who always cause us to triumph in his name, YBC in a bit! 😉 God is faithful!

My finances has been slopy, sometimes I get so rich, and sometimes I get so broke, my bursary wasn’t paid…can you imagine! Prayer point: Next year you’ll not go broke in Jesus name(Amen) lol

2nd of December, Pastor Dotun talked about how one’s spiritual life can go into shock, I then realised that mine has gone into coma lol, even though this year has been my year of responsibility, I don’t think I can ever be more responsible even when I become a mother.
Thanks to God who loves me regardless of my unfaithfulness.

All in all, year 2013 is not a year I wish for ever in my life…a year I had less achievements than challenges.

Year 2014… It’s going to be my year of financial upliftment, grow spiritually into a giant, more lovely relationships, meet new people, improve my soprano voice, become a great worshipper and learn to let go of things!

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s tots! 😀

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  1. I m so grateful for the opportunity you gave me to write on ur blog @ Ms Perry…told u I dnt hv talent in writing…guess dts why I forgot to appreciate you…

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