DAY 23: Olalekan

Zonicdude… Enjoy! 🙂

Hello, my names are Oladapo-Ojo Emmanuel Olalekan, an undergraduate. I’m not much of a writer but I was motivated seeing how others turned up great reading articles, even David( My football Rival/ Padi).

2013 for me was filled with lots of memorable moments. Some good, some bad and before you think you know what I’m going to say next, some weren’t ugly :p but in all, God saw me through.#No worries.

Monday 7th January, 2013 was our resumption at school and I was so happy because final year was just a few months away. I just couldn’t wait for days to skip by so that I could be in my final year already 😀 .
Well, few months passed, and we were due for exams. At the time, I had certain issues to deal with and it in fact really made the exams quite difficult for me. I was able to carry on later but I’m not very sure about the first two papers I wrote tho. Weeks passed again and school was set for resumption, second semester was when we were normally assigned our final year project supervisor, so I just coulddn’t wait to get back to school and get my final year student swags #pls mind my sarcasm.
There and then, ASUU came up with their wahala… Initially, I thought it was just going to be one of those strikes that normally last for a few weeks(Max of 1mnth) so I maintained my cool and chilled in school for a while, was surprised when days started turning into weeks and weeks into months. I gave up! 🙁 .
Thanks to ASUU, even my younger brother has graduated from college and we’re both home.

In between, I lost my grandmother(may her soul rest in peace) who has always been like my lender of last resort whenever my pocket was dry at school. She died on the same day my sister was celebrating her birthday…..sad yh? :'(

Dunno what 2014 holds for me now but I’m certain God has good plans for me. “While hoping for the best, be prepared for the worst”
#Bless yhu all

Compliments of the Season!!! 🙂 😀

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  1. Lol, football rival/padi; I hail thee o!!!! R.I.P to your Grandma… Btw, Chelsea will lose to Arsenal tonight, I saw the vision.

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