DAY 24: Chisimba


Simba… Enjoy! 😀

I’m not really good at writing! I’ll just make this look and sound informal!.

Before 2013, mom thought I was psycho due to the fact that I had stayed at home for two years and had this crazy hair on my head… 

2013! Two dates I will never forget this year; June 8 – the day i wrote CUSAT and June 22 – My name finally made an admission list…

2013! The year i lost my youngest cousin to the cold hands of death! He was just a year old, a child that came after 25 years of marriage, the first child of his mother, aiish! It was painful! In spite of all the ups and downs! We thank GOD we’re still alive.

On the eve of 2013, I set out plans, two to be precise! The first was to get into school, and if that had failed, the second would have come in place.
When I tell people about the second plan I had, they just think I was stupid, imagine? The annoying thing was that the other plan was fresh! I wanted to be an F1 racer!!! Coolest ambition!!! But CUSAT spoilt the whole show… I remember the first time I drove my mom, she kept on staring at me ‘cos of how I was driving, the next time I wanted to drive her, she said, “No ooo, there are many buses and “okadas” available. Hehe…

2013! Boring year! Left home August 8, to school! Oh! Yeah, I’m a student of Covenant University. Boring school, shey? I reason with you joor… Yeah! After my first semester examinations, I couldn’t have asked for more, I’m saving up money to start up a business. That the positive impact EDS has added to my life.

2013! How time flew so so so fast! Just like yesterday when I said happy new year to my peeps, now everyone’s singing jingle bells! Wow! Indeed, time waits for no man.
Generally, 013 was just good.

2014!! This is gonna be a very busy year, by August, I should have my own business,  by October, maybe a commercial bus or two if I save up enough money. 2014 is gonna be great! And most of all, my personal relationship with God must be really really good in 014…

Wow! All said and hoping to be done, i wish y’all A merry Christmas and a Happy new year in Advance!

                                           – Monye ChisimbaUba Samuel.

MERRY CHRISTMAS IN ADVANCE from Perry’s tots!!! 😀

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  1. Being a F1 is cool jor don’t mind them, its not stupid 🙂 Have a blissful 2014.

    P.S: I like your name!!! 😀

  2. Being a F1 driver is cool jor don’t mind them, its not stupid 🙂 Have a blissful 2014.

    P.S: I like your name!!! 😀

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