DAY 24: Derinsola


Derin… Enjoy! 🙂

I am thankful to God for his unending love towards my family and I, to my parents for their unending support and encouragement without them I’m nothing, to my sisters for always been there for me and for Gbemileke for his love and encouragement and I’m also thankful for my friends.

My happy moments in 2013 are waking up every morning, nothing makes me happier than that ‘cos to me it means I can still achieve my aims and dreams. 🙂

Not so happy moment was when I lost a loved one and I think that supersedes other unhappy moments. 🙁

My dreams hopes and expectations for 2014 includes been a better person than I am now and making better use of my time and influencing others positively.

Merry Christmas from Perry’s tots to YOU!!! 😀

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