DAY 25: Papyrus

A great poet… Enjoy! 🙂

2013 – To – 2014 #TheTransition

Taking a moment for reminiscence
Journeying back thru’ the months, weeks and days gone past

I recall starting off the year on a note no one would desire
Accumulated set backs, so much to worry about
So much uncertainty, so much anxiety
I felt the pressure

Days rolled into weeks
Weeks morphed into months
How I escaped the numerous near-death experiences? – I do not know
How every worry became a joyous story? – I have no clue
How my heart survived the demise of my brother from another mother? – Lord only knows
How all that uncertainty birthed in me sanity? – I haven’t the faintest idea

One minute I was sickened by fears of all sorts
The next I was a honored guest at the Ghanaian State house
There I sat – a guest amidst all African Union diplomats
Little did I know that was but one of many more to come….

If I were to get full capture of 2013
Time and words couldn’t possibly suffice

Pressed and depressed, but not suppressed
Shaken and woken, but not taken
Tested and tempted….not lamented

I’ve been down and under
But God graced me to win yonder

With all boldness I say to 2014:

I’m not perfect – Christ is my Head-Prefect
Whatever the challenges – they’ll birth in me blessed changes

Above all this assurance I have…
– ALL that concerns me and ALL that pertains to me…Christ has already perfected and He relentlessly continues to perfect


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Merry Christmas to y’all from Perry’s tots!!!!!!

It’s a season of love and sharing, reachout to someone! 😀

Seasons Greeting!!! 😀

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