DAY 30: Alezie

Twitter queen… Enjoy! 😀
Hello everyone, this here is a petite girl named Awobotu Elizabeth Oluwayemisi..aka Alezie..this year 2013 came with a whole lot of experience, it hasn’t actually been my best of years but I am grateful I am still alive.

I have been whining about how this year has been bad until two weeks ago when my mum was involved in a motor accident..the bus burnt and killed a total of 12 mum was among the lucky 3 survivors with barely any injury,I just have to be thankful.

And then there is Olagoke, the one person who has showed me why it never worked with anyone else and yes, he happened in 2013.

My education faced a lot of challenges this year considering the set back from ASUU and the Pharmacology we had to struggle with, well..All is well! In all things, we have to give thanks to God.

My hopes and aspirations are weirder than people think; I want to be the next happening Football Analyst, weird for a girl?,IKR..but still..I hope God sees me through.

To everyone reading this,I wish y’alll the best of the remaining in 2013..Happy New Year in advance..Much love

Happy New Year 2014 in Advance! *kisses* 😀

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  1. Haha…you know I already prophesied this football analyst thing to you long time ago. Don’t worry,it’s gonna happen. I can see you with wincing at Ikpeba’s gbags in supersport studios already.lool 😀

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