DAY 31: Mz Perry


Finally we are here!!!!!!!! *singing* *we started from the bottom now we here**drum rolls**dancing skelewu* I present myself!!!!! Enjoy! πŸ˜€

2013 started on a beautiful note, I can remember getting home from crossover service at church, too excited to sleep and playing Twale by FLO, I overplayed that song mehn! I had a feeling 2013 was just going to be awesome.

I started the year with 2nd Professional Examination to write, I remember breaking my tradition of staying indoor on the first of January, I had class 2nd of January, we wrote the examination and I finally passed, thanks to God Almighty!

Hmm, an experience I must not fail to share was my mouth saga, see ehn, I always feel like one strong babe that cann’t fall ill ‘cos I hardly do; here’s my story: Few weeks to my Almighty Professional Examination my left mandible was negligibly swollen and was paining me(pain wasn’t serious enough to disturb my daily activity), when I saw it I didn’t take it seriously but Ore practically forced me to go to dental clinic, I sha went to satisfy him, they examined it, gave me antibiotics and analgesics; after that I was overconfident that after taking the drugs I’ll be well, my health is usually on point!
The next day, the pain on my left mandible woke me up around 5am huh??? After taking diclofenac!!!, I couldn’t believe I was crying huh? Mz Perry cry ke, me this strong girl, I went straight to the mirror, blood of Jesus!!! My mouth was swollen as if I had lollipop stuck in it, it wasn’t funny, as my roomies and I ain’t so close, I ran to my close friend’s room, I practically woke them up, I was crying, in all four years they’ve known me, they’ve never seen me sob not to talk of cry, my friends knew this was serious business. I missed posting for the rest of the week and no one begged me to go to Dental clinic, infact I was the first patient that morning lol, before I knew it, I was asked to do a dental x-ray and was diagnosed with pericoronitis,huh? From where? Solution: Surgical extraction. Before I could say Jack Robbinson I was on the Dental chair under anaesthesia, my overconfidence in my health just got deflated, till tomorrow that experience still seems like a surprise, after the extraction I couldn’t talk, Jane followed me to the clinic and made fun of my swollen mouth, I forgave her sha. It is really an unforgettable experience! πŸ˜€

Surgery posting was my best posting but it was too stressful, I can never be a surgeon! I also fell ill during that posting and was on admission(the devil tried but failed*tongue out*). Paediatrics surgery rotation made me emotional, I always reminded myself β€œEmpathy not Sympathy”. My Surgery end-of-posting was my first oral examination in Medical school,it went well, God answered my prayers, Praise the Lord! Halleluyah!!!

I went out a lot in 2013, more than I have ever done in my life(Moviesssssss, dinnersss, unplanned outings, CMDA camp, travels, birthdays, book reading, Compssabration), thanks to my lovely friends (Olasubomi, Jane, Oladipupo, Yusuf, Obinna, Christiana, Ngozi, Jawad, Omotoke, Abimbola, Mayowa), my year wouldn’t have been awesome without Isikehojie, Damilola, Yewande and Opeyemi(since ’09), Chimezie you’re not forgotten, I love you guys!
Lekeli really helped with school work o, a friend indeed, that dude should be a lecturer, thanks for the night classes, and that was how I met Stella, Tolulope and Omotoke. Thank God for few new friends too…talking of few new friends, worthy of mention is a friend I recently met with this very special personality, Sage, infact… God blessed me with the best set of friends on earth! πŸ˜€ Ehen, I had my first and last bike accident lol, the way the accident happened is still very funny to me lmao. πŸ˜€
At some point in the year I felt I was going to die, I’m glad I made it to the end! πŸ˜€

My birthday wasn’t so nice this year but thanks to everyone who came around, I got lovely birthday gifts; got the most expensive birthday gift I’ve ever had! :* :*
God really provided for me this year o,surprises left, right and center; God bless Mrs Ebere.
I had too many crushes than I have had in over 20years of my life this year *sigh*.
How on earth can I forget my phone, it’s a year and eleven days old today, I love my phone it has been with my through thick and thin especially with blogging! πŸ˜€ :*

I really don’t have sad moments o because my principle in life is to always be happy and thankful and we all know this life is too short for worries; but then my bossom friend lost her mum and had lost her dad about 6years ago, I was sad and had to stand by her, God guide you TY.

2013 opened up a part of my hibernated self, creativity like never before, I’m happy for that!
September came and I started Perryz tots,hmm, it has been a lovely experience so far, my lil sis has been a huge source of support, Mrs English language.
I want to use this medium to say a big thank you to everyone who made this idea( 31 Day Reflection) a reality, those who wrote, thank you very much, it wasn’t easy getting 30people to write, I’m truly grateful, 31Day Reflection made me realise at least I have 30people I can count on, thanks to everyone that has being following since 1st of December especially my friend β€œTroublesome Tosin”, thanks for the encouragement, to everyone who has ever commented, shared, retweeted, I love you loads, you guys rock! πŸ˜€

Hopes, Dreams & Expectations for 2014: I hope Le Boo finds me in 2014 o(He who finds a…,so he has to find) lol. πŸ˜€
Looking forward to having a new set of roomies…Ehen, the NGO I’m part of has been on a 2year break, I pray we come back in 2014(every plan of the evil one concerning us will not work in Jesus name, Amen!!!!!!!) And continue to put smiles on people’s faces, there’s nothing more special than making others happy when you’re not so happy but then you realise in that process you get happiness.

I will be a better writer and a better me in all aspect, read more, start making more money(business tins), cook more, be a good dancer(dance sch tins, all ye that laugh at me, watch out, lol), live in a better Nigeria plus many more things above what I can imagine that God has for me plus go up higher in my relationship with God because I am what I am by the grace of God! 2014 in a bit!!!!!!!

Cheers to a greater 2014! *wine*
See y’all in 2014, be safe o and go to church, I love you all! *kisses* *hugs*
Happy New Year from Perry’s tots to you! πŸ˜€

Comments!!! Wish me Happy New Year o!!!

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  1. Wow! Perry tots! No wonder dey diagnosed with “pericoronitis”, it matches with ur name(lol), #covers face#, buh that is no more sha*** *is all ova*… IJN
    I laughed o, it’s a good one, nice one, + one follower today and ermmm, dnt worry, i’ll fast and pray for you “le boo**** here he comes” #thumbs up#

  2. *In Ladi’s voice* Perry baby; Lol
    Simple; sincere & funny! Gud blog… Wishin much more more dan u wish urself- wish u God’s best!

  3. My 1st comment on dz blog*dancing*……..all I v 2 say is U rock gal!!!!!! Nyc1…n happy nu year in advance

  4. Wishing you a wonderful 2014. Perryztot lókè lókè, God go make u bigger. Also, thanks for having me as a part of this.

  5. pericorintis ke? haha! lmaooo… why wasnt i there when you were crying oooo!!!! sha pele shaaa. ha! and better dont say u dont wanna be a surgeon o, cos i dreamt that u became a surgeon, and my dreams come true #tongueOut. about le boo, #clearsThroat …. errm… look no further, im already here jooo!! lol! haha, just joking, yh, he ll find u, a good one…

    Funny reflection! i enjoyed it ey! thumbs up

  6. Kneel down lemme pray for you sisteh…

    Anything causing hold up on le boos way, we destroy… just say AMEN and its done.

    We thank God for the year, thank God for you. Believing that 2014 will be better, i wish you a beautiful year ahead.

  7. *does the moonwalk dance*

    Acceptance speech
    Well, i want to thank my fans (standing and ceiling fans) for believing in me. There was a lot of competition (sic) but we made it. I’m too emotional to say more.. *tears of joy* :'( thank you mz perry

    God bless candida
    God bless perryztots
    God bless my fellow “commentators” this one is for us

    Hahaha speech of life. E se, dalu, obrigado, na gode, gracias, merci, thank you! πŸ™‚

  8. Its indeed one of the best year’s for me as an individual. I might not be detailedly as Perryztot but I can surely lay hold of what God did for me in 2013.
    In anticipation of the new year,I’m sure it will be nothing short of this word “Profound”… God bless

  9. I forced you to go to dental clinic ke?
    Lool! See blackmail o! I only “persuaded” you ni o! heheehe…
    I’m glad I insisted tho’….

    When is the next tooth extraction? *evil grin* πŸ˜€

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