Happy New Year 2014!!!

Hello family, it’s year 2014, I’m glad we made it through it all, God was faithful, He kept us. 😀

I usually spend the first of January sober, reflect, meditate and ask God for direction and guidance for the new year regardless of all the activities going on.

Just thought to share this with you fam; it’s a new year, a gift with a whole lot in stock, each day you get to open one box, there are 365boxes, how you use each gift matters to you, your future, people around you and God; cherish and value it.

Majority of us have plans, hopes and expectations; yes, we want to be better people, who doesn’t!, we have to realise that we cannot keep doing the same things same way and expect change. No! It doesn’t work that way, even as we are at the drawing board of 2014, shapening and envisaging how we desire our 2014 to be, let us remember always that we cann’t keep doing things same way and expect a different result. Why not try a different approach or do something differently in 2014!

Yes, that watchword from your church says “It’s your year of Grace, Favour, Miraculous Turnaround, Unexpected blessings”…the list is endless, hope you know those words wouldn’t come to pass without you playing your part!

For those with New Year resolutions, as much as you can, run Race 2014 with it at every month, let those visions and goals be the driving force, you can do it, all you have to do is believe. YES Believe!. At every point, let those words and pictures painted in your heart be your focus, even if you drift away, never let the vision, pictures of your destination and God’s word leave you as that is the map that will guide your path.

To people like me with certain goals but not resolutions, the open-minded ones, be very open, accurately positioned and let God blow your mind in 2014. Do not limit God!

Below is the link to a lovely video you should see, couldn’t upload it on wordpress; once the site comes up, you choose what download link you want the video saved from:


Finally may we look back at today and smile with no regrets but as better people. 🙂

Welcome on board as we journey through 2014 together on Perry’s Tots!!! 😀

Cheers to a greater 2014!!! *sips wine*

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