Hi everyone, how has your year been, hope good as most people are back to school. 🙂

I was chatting with my friend Soof one cool evening and He suggested this game, Rhyme I Rhyme, I write a sentence then he replies with a rhyme, then I reply with another rhyme…


– We both have 3 lifelines.

-You use a lifeline whenever you can’t rhyme and you have to change the rhyme scheme.

-The one whose lifeline finishes first loses the game.

PS: All the sentences must make sense and be in line with the previous rhyme.

See what we came up with. Enjoy! 😀


Tonight is the night

Let the stars shine nothing but bright

The stars aloof, the clouds clear, it’s just me and my knight

This night, we release our thought-Let them fight!

Our thoughts, our strength and hopes ignite!

Like the flames of the sun piercing through moonlight

Let our fears, failures and sadness take a flight

Let happiness rule with all within might

Broken, torn and shattered but we attain heights!

And on the world stage, we lose all freight

People cheering and dancing at our sight

As they relish moments to our delight

Here we are, against all odds in the spotlight

For tonight, history we rewrite!


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  1. Tonight, The history we rewrite
    Of our lives, then in disguise

    I feared the result wouldn’t be so nice
    As it is now, very nice

    Looking far ago in this life
    It was as good as living a lie
    Terrible pestilence caused a fright
    As Natural disasters didn’t bring delight

    But As we hopped into this light
    “Extraordinary Light”
    “Supernatural Light”
    I see our lives history taking a good flight… 😀

    #Sighs#. *wheew*(Ὼ̴̩̩̩̥☀̤̣̈̇t part of it ooo)

  2. Tonight, history we rewrite
    As our lives being in disguise
    But now it’s a spotlight.

    I feared my life wouldn’t attain heights
    I feared our lives wouldn’t be nice
    As it’s now, nice

    Shattered and broken, it never shew light,
    Disasters trampled on it, was like a crushed bike
    Pains and shame, never thought it would shine

    But, here it comes, the light
    Extraordinary, the light
    Supernatural, the light
    And now our history we rewrite,
    As Tonight, our life takes off on a good flight…

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