A Letter To HER

Dear Her,

It is with mixed feelings I write you this letter. How have you been over there, sure you’re one of those singing hallelujah with your great voice, you only left the earthly choir to join the heavenly; what glorious time you’ve had thus far! 🙂

Yes! Today is your 13th birthday over there and I’m happy ‘cos I get to write to you once yearly and I always choose your birthday. I remember today, I always do, you’re engraved in my heart.

On your 12th birthday I was full of gratitude for God’s faithfulness through these vigorous years, I’m better for it; I’m glad I went through process.

It’s a new year, I’m thankful; but most importantly, I hope you’re proud of us, I’m sure you remember us; Enitan, Setemi and Alatise ‘cos we remember and still love you regardless of the blurry memory of you we have left; the memory of your fashion and cooking I will never forget, I remember you always cooking new recipes, it always turned out yummy; I know I would have had a larger wardrobe too. 🙂 The other memory I have of you are what people tell me, how I thirst to know who you really were, majority say I walk and have your type of personality, some say I resemble you, it makes me happy; a part of you is in me and I can look in the mirror and see you in me.

I am in the closing phase of my study in the University, Setemi just got into the university and Alatise is preparing for his Junior West Africa Council Exaamination, he is a strong boy, he survived that incident, I’m proud of him. Setemi and Ba’ami are always having their funny quarrels that I always have to settle. 🙂

Sincerely, after I promised myself not to cry ‘cos you left, I rarely do, not because it doesn’t hurt anymore, it still hurts. Sometimes, I wish I had your voice recorded and I could replay it just to hear and have a feel of you, other times, I wish you held on a little longer, you shouldn’t have gone so soon, was there nothing you could have done to stay, to be with us, to see us grow into the beautiful beings I think we’re becoming. They say time heals wound but I wish there was no wound in the first place!*straight face*

As you celebrate your 13th birthday, always remember we love you and everything that has happened had to cos God’s plan is perfect!
I’ll be expecting your reply. Rest well till we meet to part no more! 🙂

Yours Sincerely,

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  1. I can’t believe I actually shed tears while reading those words…i kno u will remian strong just as she wld v wished..m sure is really happy in ha new home knowing fully well she brought you into dz world as u r truly a blessing…*hugs n kisses*

  2. Enitan, I pray d Lord wil comfort u cos I undastnd hw u feel. You n ur siblings will always av a cause 2 Thank God, n may God kip Ba’ami. Amen.

  3. You are stronger than you know. You’ve turned out better than some people I know. May God continue to bless Ba’ami and your siblings for you.

  4. Readin tru i culd feel ur heart open out tru each words , enitan be strong 4 ur siblings nd ba’ami. I pray d lord comforts u nd ur family.

  5. I know how u feel cos it has happened 2 me but tank God baa’mi is still dere 4 u unlike me.May God continue 2 order ur footstep and dat of ur siblins.Just b strong He will neva let u down.

  6. I am more than certain that ‘HER’ understands what Enitan never had to say to her……… and am too sure Enitan is happy that it’s a real story now.

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