There is this Friend…

There is this Friend, I met Him in the most amazing way. Ever since I could distinguish between good and bad, He has been with me through these years, our friendship is like no other,very faithful and caring. He is irreplaceable!

He is my bestie, even when I hurt him, He still loves me. He loves me so much that I ask myself what I did to deserve a love so unconditional. I wonder why He loves me the way He does!

When we walk in the park, I can feel him hold me in a way no other person can, so close to His heart, no greater lover have I found. When He speaks I marvel, words so sweet, voice so peaceful!

He covers all my expenses, I spend from his pocket and He loves surprising me with the best of everything. He is the best surprise organiser I know, always working behind the scene just for me!

This Friend got my back like no other, people walk away but no! Not my bestfriend. He is always there when I’m crying, happy, hyper, in my crazy mood, in my down time, in my annoying mood, when I have, when I’m broke, when I’m confused, when I’m too busy to even say hi to Him. When He doesn’t do things the way I want it to be done I later realise He’s got a better plan, all this make me ask who am I that you’re mindful of me!

He is the Lover of my soul and His name is Jesus!

The King of Kings
The Lord of Lords
Keeper of all my dreams
My Healer
My Pillar
My strength
My Joy
My sustainer
Ancient of Days
The One who laid down His life for me and you…
This and many more is He to me.

I hope He’s your friend too, if He is, who is He to you?

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  1. He is my friend and also a father to me. I love him so much. He loves me too. ;). We both av d same bestie 😀

  2. The keeper of my HEAD, sustainer of my life. I don not deserve the  he showers on me, His favour, His abundant grace, His mercy. Words cant even express █▬█o̲̣̥ω much grateful i am to Him. When everyone wasn’t there, he stood beside me and saved me so many times… I owe all to HIM… JESUS, my Big bro…

    My Big bro is U̶̲̅я Best friend perry… 😀

  3. He certainly is my Best friend,i carry Him consciously around and He never leaves me even when i err.
    Surely baba god you too much to me,I no go lie….

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