I'm Not Perfect…

I look like she wants to look
Seem like I have the perfect family, the perfect life
Like everything works out for me somehow
I smile like all is fine
The girl every good guy wants
Yeah!, I hear you say takehome to mama
I speak like I know it all, it makes you wonder and it annoys you
I have grades you’re working hard to get
I spend like the richest kid around…

I’ve failed
I’ve cried
I’ve lost
I’ve made mistakes
I’ve been broke
I’ve been heartbroken
I’ve been lonely
I even have a dysfunctional family
I’m working hard to stay above average
I don’t even think I have a great physique
Behind my big smile are tears fighting to fall
I only speak of my encounter with life
And there’s only a faceless guy in the picture

You only think I’m perfect cos of all I show,
I’m not perfect but that isn’t an excuse…that isn’t my excuse!

It’s just me always striving to be better regardless of all odds! 🙂

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