How I Spent My Valentine.

I woke up at the sound of my 7am alarm. I rolled over to stop it and my eyes lightened up at the sight of the Rubis wine and painting of me on my bedside stool, ‘Shoolla’…it’s Valentine’s day, how did he get this here, such a naughty sweet dude!

I rushed to the bathroom to have my beauty bath for this special day, with the picture of what I want to look like in my head, I walked to my closet and picked the black Chanel gown I ordered on eBay early last week, it fits perfectly and highlights the right curves! The red heels, accessories and Lolade’s weave enhanced my beauty. I sprayed my Chanel Grand Extrait perfume, that makes everyone I walk pass steal another look.

The next minute I was in my car driving to work on the Island, I managed to get to the office a few minutes past 9, thanks to almighty Lagos traffic. I was welcomed with stares and giggles from my co-workers; curious about what was going on I asked my secretary to follow me to my office. As I entered, I was taken aback, “Wow!!!” Shola is surely The One! A bouquet of flower and a poem written by him, I couldn’t help but blush, my secretary didn’t have to explain anything to me. In the note he dropped, dinner by 7pm at Fourpoints by Sheraton.

I couldn’t wait for 7pm, the day was just too long. Finally, it was the close of work but I had to finish up some job for a client, I sent Shola a text saying I’ll meet him at Sheraton, he wouldn’t have to come pick me up.

I got to Fourpoints and I was finally with Shola. In his wrap, we sat, talked, laughed all night, that was my most romantic evening ever with Shola in our 6months together. It was time to go home, we left together in his car while his driver drove my car.

You know how they say time flies when you’re in love, that was exactly how the ride was. We finally got to Dolpin estate, alighted from the car, entered my apartment, hugged tightly for about 10minutes, he looked into my eyes, I could hear his heart beat and he brought his lips towards mine and….. I woke up!

It’s 8:30am, I have to meet my project supervisor by 9am, I mustn’t be late… 😀

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  1. when it was almost perfect, ur supervisor disturbed the most interesting part of disney… #tongueout… Dreams come true adepero… #biggrin

  2. I was on my way to your room…U enjoyed all that without me ke?…I would have killed you …Thank God you said it was a dream. ..

  3. Pero,Wow !!! Dreams may come true someday #fingers crossed#. Great piece and the love story #winks Oooo La La

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