It's Just Life…

In my short stay here on earth, I’ve come to realize a few important things about life, the things that make life what it is, Life!

I’ve learnt that no one really cares, you’re on your own regardless, remember I didn’t say people don’t care, they care but do not really care. You change your display picture and the pings pour in, you think they care but they are just curious…It’s just Life!

I’ve come to appreciate the importance of building walls to know who really care but then I’ve seen the beauty in simplicity, letting people in and getting to know how amazing you are, but we all know some people will always want to leave marks and then they leave scars…It’s just Life!

I’ve met lovely people, people that can go the extra length to make others happy, I’ve also seen people who take such people for granted and treat them like fools, guess they forget a foolish person wouldn’t even bother to care in the first place…It’s just Life!

I’ve seen people who just hate other people for no just cause, sometimes you ask “What did he do to you to deserve such treatment?” you’ll be left with an answer like this “I just don’t like him!”…It’s just Life!

I’ve seen that some people wouldn’t even give you a chance, they’ve concluded in their head already and you can hardly convince them, I also found out people like that might also have been cheated in the past…It’s just Life!

I’ve seen that the friends that cheer you the day you’re celebrated are also the ones that will talk behind you when all seems gloomy, that’s why you should know your true friends…It’s just Life!

The one who smiled and hugged you few minutes ago may be coming from where he was plotting to bring you down, people want you to be good but not better than they are…It’s just Life!

I’ve learnt also that everyone has a battle they’re secretly fighting although they wear big smiles, and far away sometimes compare yourself to them until you realize their challenges and then choose to be thankful instead…It’s just Life!

I’ve seen people always want more and more, never satisfied, our wants are indeed limitless…It’s just Life!

I’ve learnt that regardless of the terrible relationship you had with someone, you still have to give another person a chance, no one is an island…It’s just Life!

These and more have I learnt from Life, what have you learnt?

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  1. I have learnt that you can’t satisfy everybody no matter how hard you try…that’s life. ..

  2. Life is a big tree, termites come to hurt, snakes come to hunt, and birds come to lay their nests. The sun shines and rain falls. It’s all meant to happen. But ΨђåƮ if the tree could move to shelter? ΨђåƮ if it could shake the termites and snakes off it’s branches? ΨђåƮ if it could, to create a space for the birds to dwell forever. If it could, then I don’t think there’s anything to LEARN and UNDERSTAND about life… The GOOD, BAD and UGLY just have to happen…

    Such is LIFE!!!!!!!!

  3. I know this song that says; Sunny days everybody likes them, but can you stand the rain, storms will come… The qtn is: how many of us can stand the rain, how much more a storm? Here’s an answr ; It’s Just Life.

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