Mercy's Seat.

I thought I heard God speak but I was convinced it was my mind playing tricks on me again. How on earth I am supposed to discern which is what it is? I had prayed endlessly for days but I still felt this darkness around me, like a void. It’s like I’m only hanging in there waiting for something I can’t see. Not that I don’t know what I’ve been asking for, I know quite well. This dreadful feeling just won’t leave me. Only if He could forgive me and give me another chance at least He’s giving Nineveh another chance, not just another chance but a very huge one.
Everyone knows Nineveh, that monstrous city known for its wicked deeds and its lost people, how anyone then be kind to them even show them mercy for god sakes! I just can’t imagine!
Whoa! I almost forgot where I am, the very reason I know this is no joke. This truly is God. Wish I had known this earlier, I would not be here floating in this enormous belly with jelly all over me. It feels like another world entirely, forget earth even the moon. This really is another world. I have been here waiting for some kinda acid pour over my head (whoosh!) and melt me like heat of the sun over ice.
I am sure you’re wondering who this dude is. I’m this man who disobeyed God and is trying to get a grip.
“Oh Goooooooooooood! Heeeeeeeeear me Jonah son of Amittai!” I scream; I really can’t get a grip.
“Please forgive me” I cry.
This is beyond me. No matter how cool I try to make it, it really isn’t working. This is my third day in here and I’m just about loosing it. What was i thinking when I board that ship leaving for Tarshish. Did I think I could run away from God? No one can hide from Him. Truly, there is no hiding place. I should have thought better than to run away from your presence. Are You not even here?
Understanding hit me like a wave. He is here. You are here! It is You who snatched me from deaths sinking jaws, You rescued me before I was justified. Oh God! You provided a home for me in the depths of the sea.
“Thank you.” I cry again. I am overwhelmed by this revelation. Surely, if You can show me love, Nineveh needs You.
My heart stopped racing for a brief second. Finally, “here I am, send me” I say silently.
Again, I remain silent, and for a split second I close my eyes, my mind blank. I feel a thump and open my eyes.
A second chance.

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