The Proposal

A lot of my friends think I’m a hopeless romantic but I just love sweet acts of love done in the most creative way ever. It’s not my fault that I’m a creative being, intrigued by creative people and acts. Let me get down to today’s post. If this post gets really long, bear with me. Thanks in anticipation.

I’ve heard a lot of love stories and watched videos of proposals. I keep saying that “The one” has to be very creative not that I want anything over the moon but a little bit, No, a lot of creativity is needed. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

The first proposal I witnessed was on a friend’s birthday when we went to see a movie, it was a Friday. As usual, you would expect a few adverts before the movie starts but this time around we saw several adverts. What did Ozone cinemas not advertise that day? the audience became upset. It was my friend’s birthday so we were taking pictures to pass time. We asked the lady seated in front of us to help us take a group photograph but she gave us attitude. Little did we know we were part of the cast for something beautiful about to take place and she was the photographer on ground to take shots of the unfolding scenes.

There was silence and we were all relaxed, it was about to start, but wait…. What started was a slide show of a lady’s picture and love quotes and what have you. “You are the best thing that happened to me since I met you two years ago…” and the love story. Alas! The dance crew unfolded and started to dance, the lady that gave us an attitude earlier and every other person that were seated strategically stood and took position.

The lady was surprised and embarrassed with tears flowing down her cheeks. I wonder why ladies are usually shy or surprised during the proposal though, what were you expecting after years and years of courtship? why the surprise? That’s by the way. The guy then came forward with the microphone after the dance and asked the question: Will you marry me?

At the point, I was melting on my seat, I felt like I was acting. We all clapped and several others were screaming “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” I could not help but blush, I’m black though and a few tears dropped. Love is so beautiful!

I was glad I went to the cinemas that day and I would cherish that memory forever. Another proposal I somewhat experienced; this is close to Rose and Jack’s story, watch-out for my next blog post…

Happy New Month to everyone. Feel free to follow blog and drop comment.

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  1. lol. Like seriously??? Why didnt u write the second proposal wud ve love to read dat too. Nice one tho.more!!!

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