The Proposal 2

So welcome to part two of The Proposal.

A lonely and sunny afternoon it was and as I checked what went on on Twitter – the media I relax with. I was opportune to experience love and a few tears dropped!

One of my followers retweeted a story and his retweets were interesting, so I thought to go to the source and beginning of the story. I present to you @reitchy and @mz_nazee’s love story. Enjoy…

Tonight, I want to take a while to recount how I met someone special on twitter about two years ago. Someone who has changed my world and of whom words fail me when I try to describe. With just a click of the follow button two years ago, I never knew I had let love into my life. Love came in form of her!

In the beginning, she was just there as someone who added to the number of people who follow me and I follow, tweeting and retweeting stuff that perhaps made some or no sense. I would tweet just to help me through my shifts at the biscuit company where I was a quality control officer. I was on twitter to have fun and muse about everything that was of interest to me. I never hoped to find love there, I wasn’t even searching.

But then this girl! This pretty girl happened. At first, she was just any other girl. I would tweet funny stuff and this girl would send me a DM (Direct message) and we would poke at each other in our tweets, nothing more.

So one day, I tweeted about needing a girlfriend with some ridiculous specifications. She again picked my tweet and sent a DM. In her DM she said she had one for me. Apparently, she wanted to hook me up with her friend.

We started the DM roll. We sent each other DMs back and forth. We would talk about me, why I stopped writing, and then I added her on Facebook so she could read some stuff I had written. At that point, she sent a bold DM saying she was tired of ‘DMing’ and asked that we move to BBM. I was single and loving it. My last girlfriend had broken up with me because she wanted to get married and I wasn’t ready, the one before the last had broken up with me because she felt I was still a baby, simply put a chewing gum boy. Now, this girl filling all my free time with DMs and now moving to BBM. Issokay o.

We moved to BBM and I found myself looking forward to close of day, where I could share how my day went and chat with her. It was barely three months since I had resumed a new job in the bank and I was in training school. She was always on my mind! It was October and while training classes are on, I would sneak to the bathroom to chat with her. I called it a bathroom break. She was slowly becoming an addiction.

She was as stubborn as she was sweet. She had an opinion about everything, especially if it involved the roles of men and women. Remember she had said she wanted to hook me up with a friend, but she never spoke about this friend anymore. How come?

I didn’t mind that I wasn’t getting hooked up with her friend. I was happy that she had gotten a job and was moving to Lagos! Yes!!! We had something to look forward to. October had brought us closer! And so I longed to see her for real. Days passed and I had fallen for this stranger whom I met on twitter.

As each day passes, as I rode the bus to work, as I settled in the training academy, during each break and as I rode back home, it was with her. As she woke, as she washed, as she tidied, as she cooked, I was with her. Our feelings were beginning to fly Aero, Enugu to Lagos.

Days passed and as her coming to Lagos drew closer, I became a little nervous. She was scared and shy. She had threatened to run away and hide when she set her eyes on me, but I told her I would only walk up to her and take her hands. It even made her more nervous but I assured her when I reached out for her, all she needed to do was take my hands.

The day came, she landed the previous day from Enugu and I was burning with anxiety of meeting her. I was praying that she looked like she did on her avatar and her DP (display picture) on BBM. This was some sort of a blind date. Lol. Make e no be say na mbe (imbecile) o.

Her cab finally found me at Boston house, Marcathy street, Lagos Island. As she stepped out, I stood for a while, pretending to give up to on coming vehicles while I tried to examine wetin I don go pursue again!.. Then I thought to myself, you’re not a complete package, you’re not the answer to every woman’s prayer. You’re not Beckham or Beckford.

As I walked across the road, to where Ihuoma stood, not minding that she wasn’t as tall as I wished or the poise of a model, I made up my mind. So I reached out for her and she took my hands. From that day, I had not looked back, I made a choice!

A choice to love her just the way she is, to love her with her imperfections. On October 27, 2012, by the beach side, to make it official I asked her to be more to me, than just a follower on twitter, than just a contact on BBM but to be my girlfriend.

That was how his girl and I began this journey to forever. The story gets better but I will stop here till the sky sees the sun!

This was where day 1 of the story ended….day 2….

*picks mic* where did I stop yesterday…

On October 27, 2012, she became my girlfriend. Our first date at the beach, she won’t let me kiss her! Assin!!! Who does she think she is? Every girl kisses Richie on the first date. I was wrong about this one. She was stubborn and she was different. Tried as I could…omo the babe wouldn’t kiss me o! See groove. No shaking sha, I was ready to see the end of this one o! My mind been don dey am, She must fall. No be stone, na beans, one day e must done. So I tried to massage my ego after she don fall my hand. I just go drop am for her uncle house. Screech comot.

Days went by, Ihuoma would come and visit me while I was training on the job in VI. Sometimes she would bring Chinese meal for lunch. This girl I met on twitter, in spite of her strong views on feminism and women’s empowerment was a modern woman with old values.

Ok rewind…Bad as it was that she wouldn’t kiss me yet, she would reply “thank you” each time I said “I love you”. Coincidentally, the movie ‘Think like a man and act like a woman’ had been released and I saw this movie. I thought she was acting the script. As a sharp guy, I tried to learn well what the guy in my dilemma did to nail his girl! Yes… I don’t even know if it worked.

This girl will need fasting and praying o!!! Her own shakara was beyond Hollywood or anything Nollywood will teach you.

Fast forward…Months went by and our love had crossed all the boundaries. We had swum the oceans and we were in a comfortable place. This girl I met on twitter has stolen my heart. In igbo: e ri go m beluso m! in Yoruba: Mo ti je efo! In calabar, erm, it sounds like this ikongnomi!

Ihuoma was different, she was as emotional as she was strong. She was a real woman; every touch, every breath. This girl I met on twitter, instead of a 5star dinning will cook a 7star meal and serve me in bed. She is whom Davido sang about, She no want designers, she no want Ferrari, she say na my love o. Ihuoma sef no mind follow me jump bus. Yes o! the days when my mom’s car wasn’t available, we would jump bus o. Infact, she would trek from The Palms with me, to where we could get a cheaper cab on days when I hold small.

One year went by and several months of using mom’s car until finally God blessed us with our own and now my baby drives by my side, front seat chilling. Ihuoma didn’t mind that I was still some sort of alike! She followed me o…and even in real life she still dey follow me. Now I’m fresh.

She has watched me grow patiently, that alike now has some flesh on and even muscles. From trekking, bus jumper to car owner. She saw beyond the boy who some other girl called a baby! She made him a man and made him grow up. She loved me. She didn’t stop at that; she loves with almost equal strength any that I love, from my mom to my friends.

I know it is stupid but I am tweeting on my steering as I race to meet the love of my life with a ring. I am going to ask her to marry me. Dear friends, after reading and watching videos on how to propose online, nothing seemed to work! One thing was common though, most people favoured taking her back to the place where you first met to pop the question. So dear friends, retweet my next tweet!!!

@miss_zannie will you marry me??? And she said Yes!

The End.

PS: This story is filled with lessons and it’s inspiring, I hope you loved it and a few tear dropped! 🙂 *love struck*

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