My CMDA Experience.

Here I am on this interesting round table discussion with Vicky, Greatson, Maxwell, Kunle and Kenny, the topic of discuss is for another post. It is my second outreach with CMDA and it’s holding at The Information center, Jakande Estate, Lekki. People were ministered to and then consulted the doctors; there was free screening for diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer and general health check.

As I sit with these new friends, I remember the first time I heard about CMDA. I was in Part 2 and a group of classmates had come up stage to announce CMDA International conference. I cared less and was not bothered even with the wide smile and excitement on their faces. I just was not interested.

Just after Part 3, I heard of CMDA’s 3-day National conference to hold at Redemption camp, it was a good time to find out for myself what CMDA is about and see what Redemption camp looks like and have another camp gathering. It was a good way to enjoy my break.

As I reluctantly, packed my travel bag and walked to the bus, I wondered how I will survive three days with no one I was familiar with at the camp, at least a friend will do. All my friends attending were members of the executives committee so they will be busy.

As I got to the bus, I met Stella, my stiff upper lip gave way to a wide smile on my dimpled cheek. Stella had escorted her friend to the bus, with my supernatural persuading skill, I convinced Stella to come and she did! That is one decision she forever is thankful she made. That was the beginning of an interesting camp for us.

The fun we had cannot be described. Our walk from Prayer foyer to PHF hostel the first night at camp reading signposts of various bible verses kept us through our very long journey. There were so many delegates and getting a bus was looking impossible and I sure would not resist an option of a walk, I usually see it as an avenue to exercise. Passengers on the buses that sped past us looked at us in surprise. The thought of that night alone makes me laugh as I write this, a bible verse Stella and I can never forget is ‘Oh ye stubborn children turn back…’ and the next said something like ‘I am with you…’ We did selective thinking, discarding the verse that asked us to turn back and held on to the fact that God was with us in this unending journey.

The days that followed were just epic, too interesting to describe. The program was well organized, good food and accommodation. Stella and I bucket saga is another interesting story for another day.

Just as the bus entered the school premises, I became sad; I had started to miss the camp. I was richly blessed and I had a re-orientation about CMDA.

CMDA Students stands for Christian Medical and Dental Students. It is non-denominational. It is all over the world. This association is in 33 medical schools in Nigeria for now. CMDA Nigeria was founded in September 16, 1981 and started from College of Medicine of the University of Lagos. The national camp usually have thousands of Christian Medical and Dental Students from all over Nigeria.

CMDA Students vision: God made man spirit, soul and body and He has called us Christians in the Medical and Dental disciplines to be proficient in caring for the whole man. (1Thess 5:23b)

Mission: To move holistic medicine to all parts of Nigeria, Africa and beyond, unto righteous practice.
Our Passion: Our mission is sustained by our passion as future doctors to be different, our commitment to seeing patients as real human beings and not merely as cases, our burning desire to be used by God to restore the dignity of men and also to reconcile them to their creator in the steps of the Great Physician, our Lord Jesus.
Our Activities: We submit ourselves to be trained by God and to give our time in medical school to engage in activities that will make us effective and compassionate doctors who will move holistic medicine to a dying world. These activities include hospital evangelism, village/rural outreaches, secondary school outreaches etc.

I had my first outreach experience in CMDA. It held at Alpha beach. I learnt and worked. It was a good opportunity to practice all I have learnt in Med. School. I learnt more about drugs because I served in the pharmacy unit.

The group that organized the outreach gave more than enough food. I had food for that evening and the next morning. I left looking forward to the next outreach. The next outreach I was looking forward to is where I am writing this after doing the necessary.

I was appointed as Class editor and it has been a wonderful experience so far. Most CMUL students can testify to the transformation of CMDA Students editorial board. Although I was not certain I wanted to accept the post at first. I say to you now with joy and fulfillment that it was a good decision I made. I have discovered me more; my creative ingenuity has wowed me.

I want to use this to thank Ifeoma and Ajie, they have helped tremendously. As each idea pops into my head, I run to knock on their doors and they have never said no. God bless you with better drawing abilities!

The next outreach I look forward to is the village outreach coming up 25th to 27th of April 2014 at Epe. It will be my first village outreach.

I want to use this opportunity to invite all Medilag’s Christian Medical and Dental Students. Turn up y’all. Let us move holistic medicine to all part of Nigeria unto righteous practice.
I look forward to seeing you; buses leave block 1 car park by 12pm prompt on Friday. 😀

There is also going to be 500L CMDA class meeting on a date the class agree on.

Visit the board for updates on our various activities.

Happy Easter Celebration… 😀

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  1. Up CMDA!!! Welldone pero, welldone CMDA. More greese to your joints… :). If i were a med./denty. stud ehn…… !!!!! Lol

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