Lessons Ba'ami Taught Me.

“The child of my strength” He calls me with a proud look…
“I’m the first man in your life, if you get it right with me, you wouldn’t have problems with any man”
“You are the first child, you’re a leader and you’ve got to be a good example to your siblings”
His voice echoed repeatedly.

Ba’ami taught me to be responsible
He taught me to abound and to abase
He taught me to be myself in a world
Persistently trying to make you someone else.
He taught me life principles.
My Ba’ami taught me to be organized
He will say, “I’ve got my plans for the week, you should be organized!”

Ba’ami taught me to think like a man and act like a lady.
He taught me to change car tyres, lol.
He taught me how to be a daughter, sister, friend and wife.
He taught me to read books.
He taught me about Christ.
He taught me a father should be a Priest,
King, Father and Husband in his home.

Ba’ami taught me honesty, discipline,
Resilience, perseverance and determination.
He taught me creativity has no rules.
He taught me to express myself.
He taught me to listen more than I speak.

Ba’ami is my friend and father.
I’m grateful I have him.
What I will never understand about Ba’ami is
How beans can be ready under 10minutes. 🙂

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  1. 🙂 no one can forget the lessons of a father. even if it’s to get beans ready in 10 minutes… ba’ami…

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