Hello everyone, hope we all had a great week. Happy new month to everyone. 🙂

Perry has been thinking about something interesting after she saw these two movies The fault in our skies, and The angriest man in Brooklyn. I wish I could narrate the two movies but I recommend you watch it, what they both had in common was that there were characters in the movies who had been told their death day or time. These characters then had to make crucial choices about what they will do with how much time they had left.

I then thought and updated my personal message on BBM “If you had 3hours left to live, what will you do in those hours?” I got interesting replies and decided to share it here.

What will you do if you had 3hours to see those lovely faces and never again?
What will you do if you had 3hours to reconcile with family and friends?
What will you do if you had 3hours to do that which really interests you?
What will you do if you had 3hours not to leave words unsaid?
What will you do if you had 3hours to live?

Keep the comments coming… 😀

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  1. If I had 3 hours to live, I’d spend 2hours 59 minutes figuring out a million ways not to die

  2. Lol. Well, I would pray like never before. Then call all my friends. Well, and those ones that I haven’t spoken to about christ, I would kus I dnt want anybody’s blood on my head. Lol… and I would send a ‘I am sorry to hurt u’ note to all those ****** disturbing my innocent life…. and I Would smile and wait.

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