What Will You Do?… II

Hallos everyone, interesting comments I got from the last post. Gracias. 🙂

After reading your comments, I thought to share what I will do if I had 3hours left to live. Enjoy.

First hour…

I will calm down and plan.
On all social networks, I will remind my followers, friends and contacts I love them and if I have wronged anyone, they should find a place to forgive me.
I will send letters to my distant relatives and friends.
I will call each member of my immediate family to inspire them and tell them I love them. I will also send them notes.
I will send notes to all my special mums and the people who helped me to be who I am; those that have really influenced my life.
I will write my last post for Perry’s Tots; inspiring you, wishing you the very best and reminding you of how much I love you even though I wish our relationship could continue.
I will give my sister the passwords to all my accounts, my PIN and ask her to continue Perry’s Tots. I love continuity.
I will request that an announcement be made in my school so all my friends will come see me for the last time. I will remind them of how much they mean to me, reminiscing memory lane and if possible hug them all.
I will send a thank you note to my project supervisor.
I will sign that my organs be harvested for use for people in desperate need.

Second hour…

Yes, you know I’m in love with love. *wink*
I will call my crush and tell him I like him too because we know we like me. I will ask that he come to my school in 10minutes. We will have a candle lit dinner on a ship. We will laugh, gist and take lovely pictures. I think I’m not photogenic but in that hour I will be. Lol
After dinner, I will ask him to drive me to church.

Third hour…

I will pray and praise God for a live spent in him, thank him for the salvation of my soul and all I could accomplish during my stay on earth and tell him I can’t wait to see his indescribable face. I will then rest in his embrace till you meet me to part no more.

Hope this is not depressing. 😀

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  1. Hmmmmm… it’s going to be like one of the best moments of your life, with what I read here… I must collect my own hug tooo…. lol.

  2. Lool. Trust me 3 hours won’t be enough for what I’m seeing here,especially the 2nd hour. And as for the crush,why wait till you have 3 hours to live before you tell him that? Smh

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