God's Not Dead!

Happy new month everyone, it’s August already, just like that! Hope we’re all doing great. 🙂

This is going to be a really short post because all I just want to tell you is GOD’s NOT DEAD!

There is a movie titled God’s not dead just incase you don’t know, it was released earlier this year,Bishop TD Jakes and other beautiful people tweeted about it, I waited for it to show at the cinemas in my country but it didn’t come or maybe I didn’t know when it was showing. But alas, a fellowship group was going to show it, I couldn’t wait. Beautiful people of God, I wish I could narrate but sadly I can’t, if you’re yet to see it, PLEASE DO! 😀

A college student had to prove the existence of God to his philosophy teacher, it also addressed several questions Christians ask or are asked and sometimes don’t have answers to: why is there war, tsunami, ebola et al, why do good people die, why do wicked people seem to have perfect lives and more.

Okay, I think the post is getting long, till next time, have a beautiful weekend and remember God’s not dead!

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