Hello beautiful readers, welcome to a special edition of Perry Tots with your one of a kind host, Mz Perry *drum rolls* Sure we had a lovely weekend. In today’s edition of Perry’s Tots, we’ll all have to activate our imaginary senses. Before we continue, let’s go on a musical break, *plays Happy by Pharrell Williams*.

Welcome back from that musical break, that was Happy by Pharrell Williams, beautiful song anytime. I am happy and I know you are too, because Perry’s Tots is ONE!  Screams #TurnDownForWhat! *plays Mma Mma by Frank Edwards on the background*

I want to say a big THANK YOU to God for all he has done this year- really, I never saw today when I started this a year ago- for always giving me something to write about, interesting posts and not so interesting posts, for never letting cobwebs cloud this site. I thought I had lost touch with writing after I graduated from secondary school and had encouraged my sister to write, so at least the gift wouldn’t leave my family (we both write now), until I attended a symposium in school, the man’s words stirred my very being. When I got into my room, I took the book they gave and my pen then began to strike the rock until water gushed out. A big thank you to Stella for helping through Word press.

The responses started coming from the first day, it was more than I expected. I’ve met several writers and made new friends here. I want to say thank you for always reading. Thanks for always retweeting, (ok here, I will like to say thank you to @seungore @stellar @sagachristos @MistaTola @NewsBytes @oshati @TBOG @ms_aibeekay @MistaAlinco @Oyinda @Ogbanje_ @dentalgiorgio @sonaya_e @RickyBlaise @docadope @akenny_o) and all my followers on twitter, if you ain’t following yet, it’s still Mz_Perrry; for sharing the links (thanks to Moyosore, Ademidun, Mayowa, Damilola ) if you’re yet to click the Like Perry’s Tots page on Facebook, what are you waiting for?. For commenting ( thanks to Ktoria, Christiana, Subomi, Lolly P, GBOG highest commenter, see how you just pushed Stella away, she gave her thank you speech at the award presentation ceremony for highest commenter on Perry’s Tots last December); for liking my posts ( thank you to fellow bloggers, tots of a Med student blog, CelebrallySaturated blog, TheDiaryofaYoungBlackWoman blog, SagaChristos blog, Humanity777 blog), to the amazing people who follow via email, gracias, thank you to David, Perry’s Tots fan.

A special thank you to my editor and lil sis Moyosore, (for sometimes been there) before you frown, let me make you happy, for always being there, I know I ask too many questions, I will try to reduce or rather increase them.

Another thank you to Stella, a sisteh, editor, fellow book lover, friend and more. God bless you both.


Thank you also to Troublesome Tosin and docadope.

Thank you to all secret admirers of Perry’s Tots, those that like what they read but never comment or like. I really wish I could mention everyone’s name but from the depth of my heart, I say thank you and God will indeed bless you. You’ve all become a part of my life and I love you very much.

I’m getting emotional here, let’s go on a quick commercial, sorry, musical break
and this is specially dedicated to you, don’t change that dial, the number to call is drop your comment in the comment box below. *plays Always love you by Whitney Houston*

Welcome back from that musical break, I love you all. *plays Twale by Nathan on the background*

I want to say thank you to me, for staying true to what I love, for not letting “what will people think” “This post is not good enough” pull me down. For writing even when I don’t feel like it, when there’s no light to charge, when phone decides to mess up and when word press decides I’m not working today.

We’re coming to the end of today’s program, but before we draw the curtains, let’s go on a flash back break to some posts on Perry’s Tots.

Feel free to read some of my best posts:


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Welcome back from that break through the past. Now let’s focus on now and the future, I’ll like to hear from you, what you like, what you don’t like and what you think I should improve on.

Perry’s Tots is just about expressing my thoughts about whatever it is, God, politics, health, experiences, poetry, fiction and more. No limitation, no box.

Hope we’re enjoying the Bro Shola series, more coming from Perry’s Tots. 😀

In the spirit of celebration, share this link with your friends and family.

Until next time, God bless you. I’m leaving you with my new favourite song. 😀 *plays Wonderful wonder by Nathaniel Bassey*

PS: Today is my mentor and namesake’s birthday… 😀 Happy birthday Dr. Okulaja Adepero. A picture of my future. God bless you beyond measure!


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  1. Congrats dear…I rarely blush but I did wen I saw my handle. proud 2 b associated with ur wonderful blog from the beginning till now and I knw this is just the beginning…enjoy ur day

  2. Wow! Dearest Adepero… I am the one who is constantly and rightly so, amazed by the ways you find to reinvent, restyle and retool yourself… God’s grace is surely upon you… I can’t wait to see what you get to do and be in the coming year :-)… Thanks for the shout out (deep bow)… I love you… you know I do! Congrats to Perryztots… BTW I LOVE that moniker… Muah!!!

  3. *Dancing*…God bless you…Happy birthday to Perry’s tots…I love the page…there’s no “love the page”…should I still click on “like the page” ?…

  4. Lol. Young black woman, them no dey return that type of award. I haff hold it paaa. Lol.. Na me get am.. congrats mzz perry… many more years with writing when u don’t feel like it, when there’s no light to charge, when phone decides to mess up and when word press decides It’s not working today. Lol it happens… God bless you… ur great fan, gbog.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 *plays pop pop pop pop champagne* #drum rolls#

  5. An ovation for world’s finest. A pleasure knowing your person. Even though I aint a blog person *dodges bullet*, with a knowledge of literature, I appreciate your work

  6. Congrats dear… God has been with you and your passion this one year… He’s just starting with you… And if you think you’ve gotten to the peak just know that you’re kidding… Where Linda Ikeji’s blog is now, is just your own starting point and it will be evident to all that its not about who started 1st or who has connections… Its strictly grace and when the grace of God decides to pick a man up, my dear, its bliss… God has decided to shower his grace upon you, so I await the bloom, that abundance breakthrough that even you cannot quantify In Jesus Name.

  7. Nice! Happy Bloggiversary …………..I`m very grateful to you for writing such inspiring and wonderful pieces. Most of these stories made me happy through the year.I hope for the next edition to be as good if not better. Keep doing a great job and May God continue to strenghten you and bless you with beautiful ideas.

  8. Wow! Are you serious?! This blog is just one? You’ve really done well then. Congrats! And it’s been a pleasure sharing and retweeting your posts. GGMUBB-God Go Make Ur Blog Bigger 😀

  9. Happy 1st bloggiversary beutiful! It can only get better from here on, dont ever forget that. Muaaahhh!!

  10. Happy bloggiversary ma’am. I see my shalla :D. More power 2 ur elbow, may u go from Glory 2 glory in Jesus name… :*

  11. I hope i wont b d last to comment…..happy anniversary dear.ll i say m actually surprised u made it dz far???nahh i knew there was sumfn different in u d 1st tym i met u buh i cld jux nt place my hands on it,i guess i can figure it out nw.u rock girl!!! Keep it up dArling n u ll b amazed at wt u ll become.may God continue to bless u.I LOVE PERO n I LOVE PERRY’S TOT BLOG.muaaahhhhhhg

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