Day 1: Oluwatobi Akangbe

And the reflections begin…
2014!!! Indeed it has been  an amazing year for me, at its start, I barely had time to think of the year as a whole because I had my 500 level professionals staring right at me and so that occupied the centre of my attention and had a centripetal effect on my entire thought process. Well, at the time we began the year and the general overseer of the church I attend instructed the entire Christian body to fast for a 100 days or not eat at all for 30 days. Before now I used to fast regularly but had never attempted such length but of cause I had to do it also keeping in mind that a lot of people would be discouraged if they knew I wasn’t as well as the fact that it was a spiritual instruction. So I started the 100 day journey and by day 15 I felt it was too routine and it wasn’t given me the “fasting effect” any more, so I decided to go 30 days straight without eating (remember I was supposed to be reading for a professional exam at the time). So I began the 30 days without food, I only took some juice in the evenings when I felt really weak but took nothing solid. I progressively felt weaker and practically wasn’t able to read for the exams but I went on with the fast and trusted God. In about two weeks I had lost about 12kg of weight and all my trousers were falling off my waist but I continued. To cut the long story short, it was finally day 29 and I could barely talk cos I was so weak and so my mum who knew I was fasting kept calling me and warning me not to eat anything solid after I break the fast cos my system wouldn’t be used to food anymore and I told her I heard. Day 30 finally came and so I broke the fast with apples and banana at past 12am on the 31st day. But disobeying previous warnings, I ate plantain and egg then indomie later that evening. I had landed myself in trouble, I spent the next 3days vomiting and stooling. I finally recovered the fourth day and started eating slowly……. It was 14days to the professional exam and I was practically unprepared. But then I asked God to help me and He did, the summary of His help is I had my  first distinction in medical/dental school in that exam(sparing you the details of how I knew what to read without being told by any human and how I assimilated at the speed of light).

I had amazing moments. I had a big party for my birthday which I thought I shouldn’t celebrate until the evening 2 days before. As a final year student of dental surgery it’s a really stressful one coupled with the fact that I was made the group leader of 6 for a research/project, but in all, God has kept me cool and calm.

It has been a year that I really missed my twin sister, she graduated and traveled out of the country and so I have barely seen her and she has been there since mid year and wont be back until January next year (I miss her *tears*).

The major challenge I experienced this year was time management as there was so much to do that I barely had time for myself. Other challenges were management of my finances, keeping up appointments with God and personal development and capacity building which I overcame towards the end of the year.

Another funny thing was how I joined twitter and had a lot to share and kept switching my handle because I wasn’t just satisfied. It went from @tota4ng to @itztee_a to @itzteea and finally got the one I like @TheOluwatobi yup yup that’s about it.

For 2015, what I look forward to the most is my induction as a Doctor/Dentist. I really cannot wait.

Overall, I am so grateful to God for His faithfulness and love towards me knowing fully and well that I do not deserve such love.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance…..

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  1. 30 days without food!……..That’s something!….There was no way you were gonna get anything other than a distinction knowing the God that I serve……. Merry Christmas to you too… advance that is…

  2. Tho I ain’t redeem member, I completed 2 days fast, starting 6am and breaking 12pm. God bless my contribution… =D

    Congrats on your result Tobi, you cannot make the sacrifice and expect God not to reward you one way… more fasting for more of distinctions in life. Take the step of faith to 50days this time…

    🙂 🙂

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