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For 10 straight minutes, I have been looking at this screen. How do I start? What to say? How do I summarize how my year had been in words?  Well after going through last December’s episodes, I have been secretly dreaming and waiting for my dear Pero to ask me if I was interested in being a guest writer for this year’s own. She had not even finished asking me of my interest before I said YES and when I was asked to choose a date, without hesitating …DECEMBER 2ND.

Why this date you might ask? Because it is the day I get to celebrate my Numero Uno, the most important person in my life, my sweet beautiful mother as she attains the GOLDEN age. Personally, I think she is the youngest looking 50 years old woman alive. Words cannot describe how special she is to me and writing this piece is just my little way of appreciating all what she has done in my life and what she would continue to do.

Back to this….well before I delve into how my year went, I cannot help but brag about this. I am of course an avid reader of Perry’s Tots. From the 1st ever post to the latest one, I have been following its progress steadily and was really impressed when she and Stella [another talented royal] came up with the ‘Almost a Bride’ series. With every post I read, I felt like a ‘prophet’ because I predicted her success all along. Pero and I were quite close in our surgery postings in our 1st clinical year. After one of those nights listening to Dr Fatoke of pediatrics surgery during the evening ward rounds. We talked about her starting her own blog and after discussing her fears, I allayed them by telling her she has nothing to worry about. ‘You have the potential’ I said ‘just let everyone see what I see in you’. She also advised me to shrug off my self-imposed ‘critic’ title and write my own articles instead of improving other people’s own. If I have not said this to you my dear I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU.

2014 started kind of slow academically. As a new 500level student, I was eagerly anticipating how the Community Health was going to be different from the one I studied in 300level..Mehn after 6months, it was like part two’s own was nothing. Frankly I wasn’t a fan of the course reasons being because of the long boring lectures, the never-ending seminars and constant presentations. One bright spark was making friends with more of my classmates, Bukola Nuga [a.k.a my runaway love], Seun [iyawo omiete] and Yettie [sister from another mother]. They made the long group meetings with Tolani very bearable.

June came by but not before going for Family medicine postings with my constant group members [Ayodele and Victoria], we really enjoyed ourselves in Dafe Memorial Hospital where we were posted to. Also we embarked on the urban posting and the rural one which was at the Primary Health center in Pakoto. It was a wonderful experience there, with the constant football and going out to see how villages handle themselves medically. It ended with a lovely party which didn’t happen without its drama, I would rather not delve into that.

Ehen…The Project. The fact I didn’t mention it before now shows the severity of how I discarded it, though I hope to complete it before I start my final year. Also the professional exams came and passed away and I passed. I was so happy ehn, as it was the 1st professional exams I wrote and passed without having to resit. Then the strike came and with it the Ebola scourge. Instead of me to join the rush of making money by sharing questionnaires or working with the call center for Ebola alert like my mates, I and my foolish roommate Leo played football like they were paying us to. Just as I got wiser about the situation, the campaign ended and so did my dreams of adding a few thousands to my account.
Honestly, I don’t think I can talk about all the events of the year in one piece but I can try to summarize. I was the chairman of our class committee ‘Project Bond’ and we ended with a cinema rave that was well attended and spoken of. It heralded the elections of the executives for our class and I was elected as the  welfare secretary[unopposed though, guess no1 wanted to battle me] , my chosen name for the class name was accepted RoyalsXV , very proud to be associated with you guys, any day, anytime and also I was recently appointed as the Senate chairman of my department[AMSUL] interim though, graduating from my former position as the deputy senate chairman ,also elected the president of Edo Medical Students Association[Edomssa] I also recently delved into the corporate world as a brand ambassador for multinational companies. Currently I am brand ambassador for Uber, Mobilizr and Breezer Drinks; yeah I am bad like that. The last and definitely not the least, during the course of the year, my baby hit the ‘big 21’ and we celebrated our 4years of relationship at………………..

I cannot thank God enough for all his blessings this year. He has been with me through the good and bad and I am sure He would not stop showering His blessings on you and I. My expectations for next year are to be better in all endeavors of my life, for God to bless my parents, siblings, friends, well-wishers and also to pass my Final Professional Exams at one sitting.

I wish you all a full dose of the blessings Christmas comes with and I pray we would continue in the constant fight to be the best version of ourselves in the new year..2015

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  1. Lol… u be guy.. I like u jere and Yea, u r bad like that ooo… so many titles… welldone bro…

    Moreso, Happy birthday to your Momma. LLNP… many more years looking young…


    1. Thk you very much for the bdae wishes..yeah actually wen i look back and think about the year, it was one of my best years in terms of achievement…same 2 u dear

  2. Wow,this Akhaze Ricky! This was Very nice and really interesting♥♡ Best wishes to ur mother and to ur amor.

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